Kenyeres conquers Chicago

Written by Dávid Dercsényi
History of Aviation (A repülés története), a short film by Bálint Kenyeres, won the main prize (the Golden Hugo) at the Chicago International Film Festival.

There were 38 films in the competition of shorts.

History of Aviation, already awarded at other festivals including Sarajevo, was produced by Café Film (http://cafecsoport.hu/cafefilm). According to the jury the film received the prize "for successfully weaving stunning cinematography, excellent performances, beautiful costumes and tantalizing sets with an unconventional story structure to illustrate a failure in aviation history."

Following its world premiere in Cannes, Kenyeres's film was invitated to more than 30 festivals.

Director: Bálint Kenyeres

Writers: Bálint Kenyeres, Tamás Beregi


Eszter Adorján

László Babarczy

András Jeles

Kálmán Kovács

Andreas Leupold
Caroline Mathieu

Csaba Méhes

Marie Mure

Mari Nagy

Júlia Nyakó


Emmanuel Agneray

György Durst

Tamás Hutlassa

Bálint Kenyeres

Anna Závorszky

DoP: Mátyás Erdély

Editor: Péter Politzer

Costume Designer: Györgyi Szakács