FNE at Hungarian Film Week: Lull (Szélcsend)

By Dávid Dercsényi

Lull, the second feature in competition from director Tamás Sas, is a chamber drama, a triangle of three women on a boat.

The women intend to have fun on the sunny day, but it turns into a dark trip, revealing secrets and bursting out with emotions.

The film was shot in early spring of 2009, a challenge for the actresses in creating a sense of summer heat.

The script was written by Judit Csikesz, the wife of the director. The film was produced by Green Works Production and coproduced by MTM-SBS Televízió ZRt. (TV2 www.tv2.hu).

{mosimage}Director: Tamás Sas

Script: Judit Csikesz

DOP: Tamás Sas

Production company: GreenWorksProduction

Producer: Attila Faragó

Co-production partner: MTM-SBS Televízió ZRt. (TV2)

Co-producer: András Poós

Cast: Adél Kováts, Patrícia Kovács, Anna Pálmai

Duration: 93 mins

{mosimage}Production information:

Attila Faragó
Tamás Sas