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FNE at Hungarian Film Week: Kolorádó Kid

Dávid Dercsényi 2010-02-02

The beginning of production on Kolorádó Kid the debut film of journalist András Vágvölgyi B. dates back to 2006.

The film was originally intended to be a story from the revolution 1956. Vágvölgyi wanted to make a latter-day film noir, based on documents and jail reports. However the emphasis changed, and the story line was moved to 1960; therefore the restoration of the communist system and the submission of society became a part of the story. The director describes the film as Vágvölgyi meets Tarantino.

The production company is Cameofilm ( The budget was HUF 300 million, with a grant of HUF 25 million from MMKA. Additional support came from the NKA (, and Magyar Fejlesztési Bank (

{mosimage}Director/script: András Vágvölgyi B.

DOP: Dávid Lukács

Editor: Wanda Kiss

Production company: Cameofilm

Producer: Attila Csáky

Co-production partner: Parallel Pictures

Co-producer: Bill Chamberlaine

Cast: Zsolt Nagy, Lilla Sárosdy, Andrea Fullajtár

Michael Kelly, Tibor Gáspár, Ferenc Elek

Péter Kokics, Károly Hajduk

Duration: 93 mins,

{mosimage}Production information:

Attila Csáky

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