HBO Picks up Polish Series Band


WARSAW: ATM Grupa will produce a new drama series about the lives of border guards for HBO Polska.

The pilot for Wataha (Band) was independently produced by ATM Grupa. The commercial channel Polsat was the first station interested in the title, but HBO Polska snatched the project when the station decided not to go through with it. The show will follow the lives of members of the Board Guard stationed in the Bieszczady Mountains. Each episode will follow a plot-line about several people located at the border. The pilot was directed by Michał Gazda and the cast includes Magdalena Popławska, Bartłomiej Topa and Julia Pogrebińska.

ATM Grupa told FNE that series is in the writing development stage and will move into production by the end of the year. 

HBO Polska has already commissioned and successfully aired one locally made series, Bez Tajemniec (Without Secrets).