Walesa Dominates Polish Box Office

Lech Wałęsa and Andrzej Wajda Lech Wałęsa and Andrzej Wajda

WARSAW: Polish Oscar candidate Walesa. Man of Hope topped the Polish box office with an outstanding number of 150,000 viewers during its opening weekend (beginning 4 October 2013). The biopic by Andrzej Wajda holds the title of the best domestic premiere of 2013.

The distributor and coproducer of the picture ITI Cinema told FNE that the film achieved the best domestic opening this year, surpassing the previous local hit In The Name Of... by Małgośka Szumowska, a controversial drama that had 45,717 viewers during its first weekend and 120,000 after 10 days in cinemas.

The film’s international premiere took place at the 70th IFF in Venice, where it was attended by the film’s subject, Polish ex-President Lech Walesa and his wife, along with Poland’s Minister of Culture.

Speaking as the head of Poland’s Oscar selection jury, director Waldemar Krzystek said: "After watching several excellent films and a long discussion the jury unanimously decided that apart from being an excellent picture with great historic significance Andrzej Wajda's film has the biggest promotional value which is very significant when it comes to attempting to showcase the candidate film abroad."

The film was produced by Akson Studio in coproduction with Telewizja Polska and Canal + and supported by the Polish Film Institute. The world rights to the film were acquired by Films Boutique.