Jakub Gierszał to Star in a Polish/German/Canadian Coproduction Featured

Jakub Gierszał in Łukasz Barczyk's Influenza / Hiszpanka Jakub Gierszał in Łukasz Barczyk's Influenza / Hiszpanka

BERLIN: Producers of The Adventures of the Mathematician directed by Thorsten Klein announced during the 67th Berlinale IFF, that the leading role of prominent Polish mathematician Stanislaw Ulam will be played by Polish actor Jakub Gierszał.

Jakub Gierszał was a 2012 European Shooting Star.

"We are very happy to work with Jakub, who is a European brand. I know his films and I believe that his Stanisław Ulam will be a protagonist full of truth and emotion. We are currently casting for the role of his younger brother Adam Ulman. The Polish casting directors are Ewa Hornich and Młgorzata Limpann," producer Lena Vurma of Dragonfly Films said in an official statement.

The film written by Klein is an adaptation of the autobiography by the same title.

Stanislaw Ulam (1909-1984) started his career at leading European universities such as Cambridge and Paris, and on the eve of WWII went to the United States, where he eventually participated in the Manhattan Project, producing the first nuclear weapons.

The Adventures of the Mathematician is a German/Polish coproduction produced by the German company Dragonfly Films and Poland’s Shipsboy, and was recently joined by Canadian coproducer Solo Production. The project received development support from the Polish Film Institute and the Polish-German Film Fund. The film is currently in the development stage, which is planned to end in August 2017.


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