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Production: New "30 minutes" film wraps

Katarzyna Grynienko 2009-05-03
Andrzej Munk Studio is wrapping up Demakijaż, a feature composed of three short movies produced for its "30 minutes" program
The movie consists of three 30-minute episodes from female directors, each of whom is preparing a feature debut. Non stop kolor (Non stop color) directed by Maria Sadowska, evolves around the world of Warsaw clubbing and the generation of people who don't need revolution or culture. Dorota Lamparska created Droga wewnętrzna (Inner road), an allegorical tale about the choices young people make and the limitations that they meet on their way. Pokój szybkich randek (Fast date room) directed by Anna Maliszewska is a moving story about the nature of love when faced with a sudden tragedy. The directors are currently working on a lead sequence that joins the three sequences.

The "30 minutes" program, coordinated by the Polish Filmmakers Association (www.sfp.org.pl) and the Andrzej Munk Studio (www.studiomunka.pl), provides young Polish filmmakers with the chance to create a short film prior to their feature debuts. It offers 130,000 PLN (€28,500) of funding to each project, along with professional advice as well as television and cinema distribution. The total budget is €175,000. The Andrzej Munk Studio is in the process of acquiring a distributor for Demakijaż (Make-up removal) for cinema and DVD release.


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