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Gdynia Polish Film Festival Competition spotlight: Trick

Katarzyna Grynienko 2010-05-18
Trick directed by Jan Hryniak is a brilliant and intelligent crime drama that has been nicknamed "the Polish Ocean's Eleven."

Trick is a prison break story about two intellectuals, a talented forger and an elderly "professor," who make an attempt to escape incarceration and use their fake money to ransom a deputy kidnapped in Afghanistan. Hryniak gathered an all-star Polish cast including Piotr Adamczyk, Andrzej Chyra, Robert Więckiewicz and Marian Dziędziel - all creators of highly praised male roles in Polish movies during the 2009/2010 season.

Hryniak, an accomplished Polish film and music video director, made his feature debut in 1997 with the movie Przystań and was strongly praised for his film The Third (2004) inspired by Polański's Knife In The Water .

The producer of the film is Aromer S.C. (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) in co-production with Telekomunikacja Polska S.A. (www.tp.pl) and JSK Architekci (www.urbanity.pl) .

"The shoot took place in May of 2009," Romy Stępniewska from Aromer S.C told FNE. "The budget is PLN 4.6 million (€1.1. million)."Trick is funded by the Polish Film Institute (www.pisf.pl) with 2.3 million PLN (€540,000).

Trick premiered in Polish cinemas on March 12, 2010, and is nationally distributed by Kino Świat (www.kinoswiat.pl)


Director - Jan Hryniak

Screenwriter - Michał J. Zabłocki

Director of Photography - Piotr Śliskowski

Music - Paweł Mykietyn

Production Design - Wojciech Żogała

Costume Design - Sławomir Blaszewski

Producer - Eric Stępniewski

Production company - Aromer S.C.

Distribution -Kino Świat


Piotr Adamczyk

Marian Dziędziel

Andrzej Chyra

Karolina Gruszka

Jerzy Trela

Robert Więckiewicz

and others

Production information:

Aromer S.C.

Andrzej Stępniewski, Romy Stępniewska

Stołeczna 250

05-074 Józefin

tel 022 7836610

fax 022 7836610


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