CentEast announces line-up

By FNE Staff

CentEast Warsaw-Moscow (www.centeast.eu) has announced seven film projects being presented in Warsaw and Moscow and seven screenings of new Polish films to be presented in Warsaw on 15-16 October.

The projects and films are:

Film Projects:

AGLAJA / AGLAJA, dir. Kristina Deák, Hungary/Romania/Poland, work-in-progress,

CRULIC - THE PATH TO BEYOND / CRULIC - DRUMUL SPRE DINCOLO, dir. Anca Damian, Romania/Poland, work-in-progress

GENERATION P / POKOLENIYE P, dir. Victor Ginzburg, Russia, work-in-progress

ONE WAY TICKET / PIKO, dir. Tomas Rehorek, Czech Republic, completed

UNTITLED Wojciech Smarzowski project, Poland, work-in-progress

WITHOUTPORN / BESPORNO, dir. Alexander Shapiro, Russia, completed

WYMYK / (English title not yet available), dir. Greg Zgliński, Poland, work-in-progress

New Polish Films:

50/50, directed by Krzysztof Nowiński, Dominika Długokęcka

BAD GIRLS cell 77 / BAD GIRLS cela 77, directed by Janusz Mrozowski

ERRATUM, directed by Marek Lechki

LYNCH / LINCZ , directed by Krzysztof Łukasiewicz

OUT OF LOVE / Z MIŁOŚCI , directed by Anna Jadowska

THE CHRISTENING / CHRZEST, directed by Marcin Wrona

THE CITY OF RUINS / MIASTO RUIN, directed by Damian Nenow, special screening in 3D