PRODUCTION: Flying Blind in Preproduction

By FNE Staff

Polish director Andrzej Jakimowski is currently casting Flying Blind, his follow up to Tricks, in Germany, the UK and France for a spring shoot in Lisbon. The film is a co-production between KMBO (France), Filmes do Tejo (Portugal), ZAiR (Poland) and Film and Music Entertainment (UK).

Flying Blind is his third feature and first English language film. The €2.5 million film tells the story of Ian, a charismatic and blind instructor of special orientation, who is drawn to one of his students.

Flying Blind is a UK-Poland-France-Portugal co-production is funded by the Polish Film Institute, the Centre National de la Cinematographie (CNC), the Institito Do Cinema E Do Audiovisual (ICA), Canal + Cyfrowy Poland and Forum Film Distribution.

The film will shoot entirely on location in Lisbon.