FESTIVALS: Polish Fest Reveals Competition Films

By FNE Staff

GDYNIA: The Polish Film Festival, taking place in Gdynia 6-11 June 2011, under its new artistic director Michał Chaciński, annouonced 12 titles selected for the main competition. The selection includes an encouraging range of films, from box office successes by established directors to small films by unknown filmmakers, along with one film that is still under consideration for aa leading international festival.

In making his announcement, Chaciński said his one of his criteria was to choose "intriguing films which provoke discussion and make us wonder."

Beginning the week prior to the festival, FNE will present production profiles of all 12 films.

The complete list of competition films follows:

1. Black Thursday, dir. Antoni Krauze

2. Daas, dir. Adrian Panek

3. Essential Killing, dir. Jerzy Skolimowski

4. Italians, dir. Łukasz Barczyk

5. My Name is Ki, dir. Leszek Dawid

6. The Mole, dir. Rafael Lewandowski

7. Fear of Falling, dir. Bartek Konopka

8. The Mill and the Cross, dir. Lech Majewski

9. Rosa, dir. Wojciech Smarzowski

10. Suicide Room, dir. Jan Komasa

11. In the Name of the Devil, dir. Barbara Sass-Zdort

12. The Courage*, dir. Greg Zgliński

* The film will be excluded from the Main Competition if it takes part in the festival in Venice.