FNE at Connecting Cottbus: Kai

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COTTBUS: Ukrainian production company CryCinema brings the drama Kai to the Connecting Cottbus pitching forum, taking place 7-8 November 2013 during the Cottbus Film Festival.

Director/writer Oleg Sentsov tells the tale of a man whose personal and professional life are in tatters, no longer in love with either his wife or his mistress, and with a severely mentally ill young son. Sentsov says he took his inspiration from Hans Christian Andersen’s The Snow Queen, creating Kai as a man whose heart is pierced by ice, leaving him cold to the world.

Kai is the third film from Oleg Sentsov produced by CryCinema, and the second project with producer Olga Zhurzhenko. Sentsov’s debut film was the low budget Gaamer in 2011, followed by Rhino, a majority Ukrainian coproduction (with Germany, France, and Croatia) currently in preproduction for an early 2014 shoot. Kai is planned for a 2015 shoot. The director and producer speaking with FNE at Connecting Cottbus, said the budget, originally planned for 3m EUR had been revised downward to 2m EUR, which they feel will be easier to raise. The team is currently in discussion with potentional production partners from France and Germany, as well as possible state funding from Germany.


Contact information:

Oleg Sentsov


1 Kinnoj Armii 37, apt. 18

95000 Simferopol


phone: +380 442 875 429

mobile: +380 506 88 51 57

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web: www.crycinema.com