EFADs Opposes EU Parliament Proposals to Cut Creative Europe MEDIA Budget

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BRUSSELS: The association of the European Film Agency Directors (EFADs) has issued a statement opposing proposals for Creative Europe budget cuts that face a critical vote today (11 October 2016) in the BUDG committee of the European Parliament.

The Council of the EU proposal seeks to cut the Creative Europe MEDIA budget by 4.5m EUR in 2017 and the Creative Europe budget overall by 9.5m EUR in 2017. EFADS says this would pose a serious threat to jobs and growth in Europe and to would decrease the ability of the AV sector to meet the challenges of the digital age.

MEP and Culture Committee Chair Silvia Costa speaking at the recent LUX Prize 10th Anniversary event in the EU parliament stressed increases not cuts were needed to the Creative Europe budget.  She said: “Given the social crisis facing Europe and the problems associated with immigration and the young people who are disadvantaged we need to think positively about the role of culture.”  “The Culture Committee has been fighting for cultural diversity and the European cultural industry.” MEP Costa has stressed that culture is one of the main weapons for social cohesion and cultural identity in Europe and the budget for culture needs to be substantially increased.

Click HERE for the EFADs press statement on Creative Europe MEDIA budget cuts.