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Eurimages support for four CEE films

FNE Staff 2009-03-26

Polish, Czech, Romanian, and Hungarian producers and distribution companies in Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania and Turkey received funding following the latest Eurimages session held March 15-17.

A total of 15 European co-productions will receive €4.68 million from the Eurimages fund.

The co-productions receiving support include:

Alois Nebel - Tomas Lunak (Czech Republic)Animation film (Czech Republic, Germany)

Visszateres - Judith Elek (Hungary) (Hungary, Romania)

Aurora- Cristi Puiu (Romania) (Romania, France, Switzerland, Germany)

The Woman who dreamt of a Man - Per Fly (Denmark) (Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Poland)

Beli Beli Svet, a coproduction from Serbia, Germany, Sweden directed byOleg Novkovic (Serbia) also receives a grant from Eurimages.

In the area of distribution, films receiving support include:

Egg - Semih Kaplanoglu (Turkey), distributed byMOZINET LTD (Hungary) and by ASOCIATA MOEBIUS (Romania)

Pandora's Box - Yesim Ustaoglu (Turkey), distributed byCLOROFILM ROMANIA (Romania)

Move On! Storming the Gate - Alex Jordanov (France) Documentary, distributed byMARIGOLD FILMS (Bulgaria)

Go West- Ahmet Imamovic (Bosnia and Herzegovina), distributed byPRO FILMS (Bulgaria)

NomadakTX - Raul de la Fuente (Spain) Documentary, distributed byPRO FILMS (Bulgaria)

René- Helena Trestikova (Czech Republic)Documentary, distributed byMOZINET LTD (Hungary)

A complete list of films receiving Eurimages funding is available on their website,

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