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PRODUCTION: Romanian Polish Doc Sulina:Trapped in Paradise Shooting Featured

Photo: Vlad Petri Photo: Vlad Petri

BUCHAREST: Diana Munteanu (23) is shooting her first long documentary by the Danube Delta. Sulina:Trapped in Paradise (working title) is a Romanian-Polish coproduction set to be finished next year.

The observational documentary is investigating the relationship between people and space, following three inhabitants of the town of Sulina who wanted to leave but never did. In the heart of the Danube Delta a kid, a painter and a house-wife have to decide if they are going to take the chance and leave, or rather adapt to the rural life-style of the secluded port-city of Sulina.

 Dan Burlac is producing through Elefant Film Romania. Wojciech Szczudło is coproducing through the Polish company Kalejdoskop (www.kalejdoskop.art.pl). Magdalena Rychła is also coproducing.

 The budget is 105,000 EUR, Dan Burlac told FNE, but the project doesn’t have any grant yet and the first financing came from Elefant Film. Shooting started at the beginning of August with Vlad Petri as DOP. There is no wrap date for the shooting yet (depending on the rushes), but the producer wants to have the film finished in 2013 to be able to organize the premiere in 2014.

Production Information

Elefant Film

123 Calea Moşilor Street

 Sector 2, Bucureşti, Romania

 Contact - Dan Burlac: + 40 746 242635

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Studio filmowe Kalejdoskop

Chełmska St. 21
00-724 Warsaw, Poland

 Phone/fax: + 48 22 851 17 79
           + 48 22 841 21 35


 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


 Director: Diana Munteanu

 DOP: Vlad Petri


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