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FNE at Cannes 2016: Romanian Cinema in Cannes Featured

Romanian National Film Center 2016-05-14

Romania’s historical presence at Cannes, promoted within the Marché du Film

Sierranevada by Cristi PuiuThis year Romania’s presence at Cannes is without a doubt at its strongest with a total of five titles in official selection, two minority co-productions and eight market screenings.

Romanian cinema will be present this year at the Cannes Film Festival (May 11 - 22 ) as well through the Romanian Stand within Marchédu Film. The Romanian Stand is organized by the Romanian Film Centre, in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture, while the events are organized with the support of UCIN - National Filmmakers Union and BRD-Groupe Société Générale through Scena9. The Stand aims, first and foremost, to promote Romanian cinema and Romanian filmmakers.

The Stand will provide up-to-date information about the Romanian film industry and will connect Romanian filmmakers with the international cinema scene, with foreign institutions, organizations or production and distribution companies.

Staff attending Cannes 2016
Anca ROMANESCU -Communication Coordinator, Marketing
Eugen LUMEZIANU - Project Coordinator, Management
Dorina OARGA - Project Manager, Management

40 21 740 0880 31

At the same time, Romania will be spotlighted as a partner to supply production services through top country’s cinema studios and production crews.

Cristian Mungiu (Bacalaureat/Graduation) and Cristi Puiu (Sieranevada) both have had their films selected to appear In Competition, alongside the latest films of Pedro Almodóvar, Jim Jarmusch, Xavier Dolan and the Dardenne Brothers. Bogdan Mirică’s movie Câini/Dogs, has also been selected, for the Un Certain Regard section. 4:15 p.m. sfârşitul lumii/ 4:15 PM The End of the World, directed by Cătălin Rotaru and Gabi Virginia Șarga, will be vying for Best Short Film, as one of the titles selected In Competition, while Alexandru Badea’s Toate fluviile curg în mare/All Rivers Run to the Sea will compete as well, in the Cinéfondation section.

Romania’s presence at Cannes is further strengthened this year by the two co-productions it was involved in: the feature-length filmToni Erdmann, a Germany-Austria-Romania co-production shown In Competition (Romanian co-producer: Ada Solomon), and the movie Albüm (Turkey/France/Romania, Romanian co-producers: Oana Iancu and Călin Peter Netzer) that will be screened within the Semaine de la Critique.

Anamaria AntociFurthermore, Radu Muntean, the helmer of, among others, Hârtia va fi albastră/ The Paper Will Be Blue, Marţi, după Crăciun/Tuesday, After Christmas and Boogie, will be sitting on the Jury of the Cinéfondation and Short Film sections of the Cannes Film Festival.

The producer of the movie Ilegitim/ Illegitimate, Anamaria Antoci, was selected to take part in the Producers on the Move program (running May 14-17). Now in its 17th outing, the program aims to hone producers’ professional skill-set; this year, 20 specialists hailing from across the European cinema scene, have been selected to participate.

Director Anca Damian will be attending Talents Adami Cannes, a program that means to discover young actors aged between 18 and 30. Anca Damian directed Carre, one of five short films connected to comic books or animations which feature young actors in their cast.

The Minister of Culture, Mrs. Corina Șuteu and Mrs. Audrey Azoulay, The Minister of Culture, France will be attending the signing of the French-Romanian Cinema Convention, an agreement between Le Centre national du cinéma et de l'image animeé in France and the Romanian Film Centre, that would delineate a set of policies meant to tighten the cooperation between the two countries in the cinema-scape.

The Convention will draw new principles that will guide the framework of best practices and contains a detailed action plan concerning new sources for film funding, film promotion tools, support in film education, audience building and enhancing the operation of the National Film Archive.

Last but not least, Romania’s Stand at Cannes sets out to support the local film industry so that Romania would gain a regional competitive edge, thus attracting foreign productions. To that end, a Tax Incentives-type measure is in plan, through the combined efforts of the Ministry of Culture and the Romanian Film Centre, both of which plan to have it up and running by year’s end. This system will bring Romania in line with other countries in the region, Hungary and the Czech Republic among them, where such a system is already in place, making them attractive destinations for foreign cinematic productions.


The Complete List of Romanian films screened:

In Competition

1.Sieranevada/Sieranevada by Cristi Puiu
Official screenings

2. Bacalaureat/Graduation by Cristian MungiuBacalaureat by Cristian MungiuOfficial screenings
May 19th 08.30 14.30 18.30 GRAND THÉÂTRE LUMIÈRE

3.Toni Erdmann/Toni Erdmann by Maren Ade (Germany/Romania, Romanian co-producers: Ada Solomon – HiFilm Productions)
Official screenings

Un Certain Regard

4. Câini/Dogs by Bogdan Mirică
Official screenings
May 15th 11.15 | 16.30   SALLE DEBUSSY
May 16th 10.30 SALLE BAZIN

Short Film Competition

5. 4:15 p.m. sfârşitul lumii/ 4:15 PM The End of the World by Cătălin Rotaru and Gabi Virginia Șarga
Official screenings:
May 21st 11.30 SALLE DEBUSSY
May 21st 16.00 SALLE BUÑUEL


6. Toate fluviile curg în mare/All Rivers Run to the Sea by Alexandru Badea
Official screening:
May 19th 11.00 SALLE BUÑUEL
Semaine de la Critique

7. Albüm by Mehmet Can Mertoğlu (Turkey/France/Romania, Romanian co-producers: Oana Iancu, Călin Peter Netzer - Parada Film)Dogs by Bogdan Mirică, credit: Iulia Weiss
May 12th 11.30 17.00, 22.30 ESPACE MIRAMAR
May 13th 08.30 SALLE BUÑUEL

Market Screenings

1.Varză, cartofi și alți demoni / Cabbage, Potatoes And Other Demons by Șerban Georgescu
Market screening:
May 12th 14.00 PALAIS E

2.Dublu / Double by Catrinel Dănăiață
Market screening:
May 15th 17.30 PALAIS D

3.Aniversarea / The Anniversary by Dan Chișu
Market screening:
May 16th 15.30 PALAIS D

4.La drum cu tata / That Trip We Took With Dad by Anca Miruna Lăzărescu
Market screening:
May 16th 18.00 LERINS 1

5.Dincolo de calea ferată / By The Rails by Cătălin Mitulescu
Market screening:
May 17th 11.30 PALAIS BAlbüm by Mehmet Can Mertoglu

6.Box / Box by Florin Șerban
Market screening:
May 17th 14.00 PALAIS E

7.Lumea e a mea / The World Is Mine
Market screening:
May 17th 16.00 PALAIS C

8.Minte-mă frumos în Centrul Vechi / Sweet Little Lies In Downtown by Iura Luncașu
Market screening:
May 17th 18.00 PALAIS E


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