Production: Bogdan Apetri shooting feature debut

By Iulia Blaga

Outskirts (Periferic) the feature debut from director Bogdan Apetri, written by Cristian Mungiu and Ioana Uricaru (Tales from the Golden Age) is in shooting through August 3.

"The film is primarily concerned with the characters who inhabit the neighborhoods of Bucharest, who are caught in this strange and claustrophobic space," says the director who studied film direction and cinematography at Columbia University. Apetri's shorts have been selected by Clermont-Ferrand, Rotterdam and Palm Springs, and he was a Student Academy Awards nominee in 2006.

The film is produced by Alexandru Teodorescu and the Romanian company Saga Film (www.sagafilm.ro). Daniel Burlac is producing, and Josef Aichholzer and Aichholzer Filmproduktion Austria (www.aifilm.com) are co-producing.

The estimated budget is €720,000. Of that, €270,000 was received from the National Centre for Cinema (www.cncinema.abt.ro) in the summer of 2007. The project participated at the Berlinale and Sarajevo markets. Shooting started June 29 and will end August the 3, employing only Bucharest locations.

The DOP is Marius Panduru (Policier, Adjective, The Happiest Girl in the World, The Way I Spent the End of the World), and the cast includes young Romanian actors Ana Ularu, Andi Vasluianu, Mimi Brănescu and Ioana Flora.

Production information:

Saga Film

8 Dimitrie Racoviţă Street

Sector 2, Bucharest, 023993


Tel: +40.21.317.33.60

Fax: +40.21.317.33.64


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Aichholzer Filmproduktion

Mariahilferstrasse 58

1070 Wien Austria

Tel: +43.1.523.40.81

Fax: +43.1.526.34.58


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Director: Bogdan Apetri

Script: Cristian Mungiu &Ioana Uricaru

DOP: Marius Panduru

Cast: Ana Ularu

Andi Vasluianu

Mimi Brănescu

Timotei Duma

Ioana Flora

Cristian Oleser