PRODUCTION: Something Good From Life begins filming

Written by Iulia Blaga

Director Dan Piţa (Luxury Hotel/Hotel de lux, Paso doble/Pas în doi) is in production with his latest film, Something Good From Life.

The story about friendship, dreams, difficulties and hope, involves two friends, Mateo and Ginel, raised in an orphanage and working in difficult conditions in a mine. "I am telling the story of a friendship, of a haunted love story, the story of some young people fighting with life and with the environment," Piţa said.

Ceva bun de la viaţă/Something Good From Life is the third film from Piţa produced by Andrei Boncea and MediaPro Pictures (www.mediapropictures.com), following Second Hand and The Dream Woman/Femeia visurilor.

The script written by Răzvan Popescu and Alex Molico received a grant from the National Centre for Cinema (www.cnccinema.abt.ro) in 2007. The project had a challenging pre-production phase, as the main shooting takes place outside Bucharest, in the mining area of Romania.

The majority of the cast are newcomers, young actors with experience on the stage but not in front of the camera. Corneliu Ulici (who previously played in a band called Bliss) and Dragoş Dumitru play Mateo and Ginel. Anastasia Dumitrescu and Adelaida Perjoiu are play the main female characters, Caroline and Gina.

The first day of shooting, in mid-April, was also the first sequence of the film. Shooting will last for seven weeks. The local premiere is set for 2011.

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Director: Dan Piţa

Script: Răzvan Popescu and Alex Molico

Cast: Corneliu Ulici

Dragoş Dumitru

Anastasia Dumitrescu

Adelaida Perjoiu