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Production: Janosik in post-production

Jana Kadlecova 2009-06-09

The Polish-Slovak-Czech-Hungarian co-production about the Slovak folk hero Janosik, Janosik. The True Story is in postproduction, with sound work taking place in Bratislava, Warsaw and Prague.

The premiere will take place in September 4 in Poland, and September 10 in Slovakia. A four-part TV series will follow.

Director Agnieszka Holland has been in Bratislava to work on the Slovak version of the film, while her daughter and co-director of the film Kasia Adamik is in Poland to oversee the Polish version. Czech audience will hear the "original" voice of Janosik, with Czech actor Vaclav Jiracek cast in the leading role. Robert Roth will dub the role in Slovak.

In all other territories, the film will be distributed in the Slovak version with subtitles.

Slovak screenplay writer Eva Borusovicova wanted to show the real face of the legend. Polish director Agnieszka Holland was attracted to her "universal and contemporary" approach and invited her daughter to cooperate on the film.

Filming started in 2002, and by the January 2003 40 percent of the material was shot. Since one of the partners stepped out of the project, filming was interrupted for six years. New filming started in July 2008.

Janosik. The True Story is considered after Bathory (13.3 mil. Euro) to be one of the most expensive Slovak projects. It costs 6.6 million Euro.

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