PRODUCTION: Shanghai Gypsy in Postproduction

By FNE Staff

LJUBLJANA: Director/screenwriter Marko Nabersnik is in post production with Shanghai Gypsy, a love story involving a gypsy family during the break-up of Yugoslavia.

The premiere is set for October 2012.

The story covers four generations of the gypsy family Mirga and is narated by Lutvija Belmondo Mirga, a gypsy king who decides to build his own village named Shanghai. The leading actors are Visar Vishka, Asli Bayram, Senad Bašić and Jasna Diklić.

Shanghai Gypsy (www.shanghaigypsy.com) is produced by Franci Zajc for the Slovenian company Arsmedia (www.arsmedia.si) in co-production with Jadran film Zagreb (www.jadran-film.com), Radiotelevizija Slovenija (www.rtvslo.si) and Evropska prestolnica kulture, Maribor 2012 (www.maribor2012.eu). Viba Film studio (www.vibafilm.si) is providing technical services. Slovenian Film Centre (www.film-center.si) is co-founding the project. The budget is 1.24 million Euro, Arsmedia representatives told FNE.

The project is produced in collaboration with the municipalities of Murska Sobota, Moravske Toplice, Gornji Petrovci, and Črenšovci. Skupina Panvita is the main sponsor. Shooting ended August 2011, and the sound postproduction began in late March. The sound mix is set to be completed by the end of May.

Production Information:


5, Stegne, 1000

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Phone: +386 (0) 1 513 25 08

Fax: +386 (0) 1 513 25 62


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Director: Marko Naberšnik

Screenplay: Marko Naberšnik


Cast:Visar Vishka

Asli Bayram

Senad Bašić

Jasna Diklić

Miki Trifunov

Bojan Emeršič

Marjuta Slamič

Saša Petrović