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Slovenian Actor in the Spotlight 2008 - Marko Mandic

Matevs Rudolf 2008-12-17
Marco Mandic's performance in the Venice festival film Landscape No.2 is just the latest in a growing string of impressive performances in Slovenian films.

{mosimage}Mandic (born 1974) graduated from the Academy for Theatre, Radio, Film and Television and continued his studies at the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute in New York and HB Studio. A recepient of numerous Slovenian theatre awards for his roles in theatre plays (Preseren's Award for students, The Sever Award and Borstnik Award), he was chosen for the Shooting Stars at the Berlinale 2007. Nowadays he is a member of Slovenia's main national theatre SNG Drama Ljubljana (www.drama.si), where he performs roles in both classical and contemporary plays.

His break in film came with his debut in Express, Express (1995) by Igor Sterk, which marked the start of the "New Slovenian Film Movement," representing a new generation of film makers in Slovenia. Later on he had supporting role in film Herzog (1995) by Mitja Milavec, and main male role six years later in film Rascals! (2001) by Miran Zupanic.

In year 2008 he took part in three of the six Slovenian films which were shown this year in Slovenian cinemas. He appeared in Teah (2006) by Hanna A. W. Slak, film for youth viewers with strong ecological statement; L... like Love (2007) by Janja Glogovac in which he played supporting role of young extravagant transvestite; and most recently Landscape No.2 by Vinko Moderndorfer where he played main male role. He also took a part in experimental poetic film For the End of Time by Ema Kugler which was shown in the recent Festival of Slovenian film. Currently he is appearing in German TV serial by Dominik Graf Face to Face with Crime.

Now one of the most in-demand Slovenian actors, Mandic has become one of the important member of the Slovenian film industry.

Filmography (full-length feature film):

For the End of Time (2008) by Ema Kugler

Landscape No.2 (2008) by Vinko Moderndorfer

L... like Love (2007) by Janja Glogovac

Teah (2006) by Hanna A. W. Slak

Rascals! (2001) by Miran Zupanic

Herzog (1995) by Mitja Milavec

Express, Express (1995) by Igor Sterk


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