Adana Golden Boll FF: Love and Revolution

By Kerem Akca

Love and Revolution from director is F. Serkan Acar makes its world premiere in the Turkish national competition of the Adana Golden Boll Film Festival l (17-25 September 2011, www.goldenbollfilmfestival.com).

{mosimage}Acar, who is known as the producer of Ozcan Alper's acclaimed film Autumn, has also produced several documentaries and short films.

Love and Revolution is about the fall of socialism in Turkey and a political dedication to it. The cast is composed mostly of unknown actors and amateurs.

The film will be released on 16 December in Turkey. The distributor is Tiglon which has the major percentage of films on the market.

The film is co-produced by Kuzey Film (www.kuzeyfilm.com) and Film Fabrik (www.filmfabrik.net)

{mosimage}Production contact:

Kuzey Film

Firuzaga Mah. Kasatura Sok. No:4

Beyoglu / Istanbul


Tel: +90 212 252 77 13

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Producer: F. Sercan Acar, M. Serkan Turan, Kadir Sozen

Director: F. Sercan Acar

Screenplay: M. Serkan Turhan

Cinematography: Feza Caldiran

Editor: Ayhan Ergursel


Gün Koper

Deniz Denker

Ayberk Pekcan

Bedir Bedir

Serkan Tınmaz

Nefrin Tokyay

Derya Durmaz

Sponsored by Adana Golden Boll Film Festival