Polish Coproduction Premieres at Sundance

Krakow, 11th January, 2012 - Co-produced by Polish Alvernia Studios, a star-studded thriller, "Arbitrage", which takes place in the world of New York's financial circles, premieres at the Sundance Festival.

The protagonist of "Arbitrage" is a New York businessman, Robert Miller, who faces bankruptcy due to unsuccessful investments. A series of events makes the story take a criminal turn, and Robert has to ask for help the least expected person. The financial magnate was played by Richard Gere ("Pretty Woman", "Chicago"). Among co-starring actors, there are Susan Sarandon ("Dead Man Walking", "Thelma & Louise") as his committed to charity wife and Tim Roth ("Reservoir Dogs", "Pulp Fiction") as a determined detective trailing the protagonist. The director and scriptwriter is Nicholas Jarecki, the director of photography is Yorick Le Saux.

The world premiere of "Arbitrage" will take place during upcoming Sundance Festival (19th to 29th January). "Arbitrage" is yet another American-Polish production realized by Alvernia Studios, after "Vamps", a comedy directed by Amy Heckerling.

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Anna E. Dziedzic
Head of Public Relations

Last modified on 11-01-2012