4K Live Interactive Channel To Be Unveiled By SPI International During MIPTV

Cannes. April 6th, 2014 - SPI International is coming to MIPTV to present MADSCREENBOX - world’s first LIVE channel with 4K content. MADSCREENBOX is a GAME CHANNEL, which allows viewers to join and play games via their mobile phones and tablets during LIVE TV broadcast.

In addition to games, MADSCREENBOX will also showcase documentaries and music events.

MADSCREENBOX combines television, mobile and tablets.The game channel will be accessed by millions of people from all over the world who will play games internationally or locally at the same time. In addition to playing games users will also have a chance to enjoy their “15 seconds of fame on television” as the top scoring players will have their avatars appear on the TV screen and chat with the hosts in realtime, LIVE! Viewers can see the show running on TV while the games can also be played on the second screen.

All game hosts will interact with players using artificial intelligence. During the game, every 10 seconds, the gamer’sscore is reported to the channel server to update the top ten users’ list which is then displayed on TV sets LIVE ! Gamers are able to talk to hosts on their mobile devices in real time.

“MADSCREENBOX is a revolutionary product as it creates a technological bridge thatconnects television, computers, mobile devices and engages millions of people worldwide to interact and enjoy gaming features within one global entertainment platform”- says Loni Farhi, President of SPI International.

MADSCREENBOX is ready for Android and IOS. The channel will be broadcast in three different formats: 4K, HD and SD and is available for DTH, IPTV and Smart TV distribution worldwide.

The official screening of MADSCREENBOX will be presented by Ali Murat Erkorkmaz and hosted by Chris Forrester, the Executive Producer of the 4k/Ultra HD conference for MIPTV on Wednesday, April 9th at 11:15 in 4K Theatre (Level -1, Palais des Festivals)


About SPI International

SPI International has been a leading supplier of theatrical films and television programming in the international market.  SPI currently operates 30+ TV channels on 4 continents, boasts an unbeatable VOD library, and maintains more than 25 million subscribers.  With its latest cutting-edge app FilmBox Live, SPI now offers live feeds of its TV channels and access to its on-demand catalogue on any Internet-connected device.  SPI continues to enhance the home-entertainment experience by developing world’s first interactive 4K channel.


For more info visit SPI Stand # P3.B8. Palais 3