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The EFADs praise Hrvoje Hribar’s contribution to Croatian and European film as Director of the Croatian Audiovisual Centre

Press releases 2017-02-27

The association of European Film Agency Directors (EFADs) would like to praise Hrvoje Hribar’s contribution to Croatian and European film, and to the EFADs, following his decision to step down as Director of the Croatian Audiovisual Centre (HAVC) on 6 February in light of recent events.

Hrvoje Hribar role has been paramount in making Croatian film a success story in Europe, through his work to develop the Croatian independent cinema network which aims to strengthen the position of independent cinemas within the film industry and to develop film culture, his support for emerging talent and his efforts to ensure stability in the Croatian industry as a whole. His involvement in the development of Croatian culture and ensuring important Croatian works reach audiences across Europe should be recognised.
He has overseen a remarkable change for Croatian film over the last six years. Compelling proof is this year’s 67th Berlinale International Film Festival which included an astonishing 14 Croatian films and the world premieres of two short films: Hedgehog’s Home by Eva Cvijanović and Into the Blue by Antoneta Alamat.
As well as a champion of Croatian film, EFADs members would also like to acclaim his invaluable and enriching input in the association. His opinions and personality will be missed greatly as well as his dedication to developing European film and supporting his colleagues in the various film agencies across Europe.
The EFADs jointly welcome new members who share the same values, vision, integrity and collaborative spirit towards independent film, Europe and the EFADs which has been so fruitful for our collaboration over the years.
About the EFADs
The EFADs brings together the Directors of European Film Agencies in 31 countries in Europe (EU, Iceland, Norway and Switzerland). We represent government or government associated public bodies, in charge of national funding for the audiovisual sector and with the responsibility to advise or regulate on all aspects of audiovisual policies. This includes the Croatian Audiovisual Centre. In total, the EFADs members and their governments fund around three billion Euros every year through subsidies and tax reliefs with a view to fostering the creation, production, promotion, distribution, and exhibition of European audiovisual and cinematographic works.

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