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Press releases 2017-06-08
Master and Tatyana by Giedre Žickyte Master and Tatyana by Giedre Žickyte

Baltic View has started a new initiative showing films from the Baltic countries. We are proud to announce our first official CINEMA EVENT with a Lithuanian documentary film MASTER AND TATYANA. It will take place in London on the 14th of June at 6:30 PM at CINÉ LUMIÈRE - the French Institute. The film's director Giedre Žickyte will attend the event and take part in a Q&A session after the screening. The Q&A will be conducted by another Lithuanian documentary film director Neringa Medutyte.

The film has travelled throughout many established film festivals around the world and received many awards, including 4 "Silver Cranes" awards during the Lithuanian National film awards in 2015.

The film tells a story about the life of a famous Lithuanian photographer Vitas Luckus (1943-1987). He was an extremely colourful artist standing out from the Soviet era. Keeping a lion cub in his apartment seemed a norm to him. Vitas went beyond Lithuanian surroundings and documented the spontaneous reality of the Soviet Republics. His photographs, just like his eccentric lifestyle, makes a long lasting impression even today. He lived in Vilnius with his beautiful wife Tatyana and together they were a vibrant couple of the 60s. Their home was always full of people, wine, nightlong conversations, guests from the farthermost places of the Soviet Union. This is a very personal story of love and life portraying a fragile connection with the past. Join Tatyana and her journey back in time with Vitas.

Event partners:
Lithuanian Culture Attache in the United Kingdom Juste Kostikovaite
Online magazine Londonietė
Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania
Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania in London
Institut Français du Royaume-Uni
Lietuvos kultūros institutas / Lithuanian Culture Institute