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Press releases 2017-11-14


The question of storytelling and corresponding “grammar” comes up each time a new form of immersive media sees the day of light. This was the case for stereoscopic 3D, and, without surprise, this is now the case for all currently-hot forms of immersive media, such as VR, AR, MR, XR, and 360°, all preferably with a touch of “3D” to spice them up.

At Stereopsia's Professional conference (PCON), the "story” will begin with keynote speaker Frank Rose (Columbia University, USA) on “A new grammar of storytelling for the digital age”. To be ready to immerse yourself in his presentation, you can prepare yourself by reading his book “The Art of Immersion”, … only 354 pages long!

This keynote presentation will be followed by talks on how to tell stories for immersive medias, by Miłosz Hermanowicz (Freelance Stereographer, Poland), Björn-Olav Dozo (University of Liège, Belgium), Stephanie Riggs (Sunchaser Entertainment, USA), Pola Brokiewicz (Academy of Fine Arts of Łódź, Poland), and Alvin Ho Young (Koncept VR, USA). As for all other PCON speakers, you’ll find their photos and short biographies on the PCON webpage.