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MIDPOINT Feature Launch & Shorts 2018 – First workshops wrapping up

Press releases 2018-02-01


The first workshops of both programs are well over with, and we look back at the results from last week's intensive events in Trieste.

MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2018 – Workshop 1

The 9 participating projects took the first steps at the new and expanded Feature Launch program. The first workshop focused on the development of the script, as well as offering the participants training in pitching and financing strategies.

Director of MIDPOINT, Barbora Struss, says,

"Trieste proved to be the ideal frame for the first workshop offering both the intimacy for script development and the vibrant atmosphere for networking that is so important for filmmakers in the early stages of their careers. We are very satisfied with our partnership with Trieste Film Festival and When East Meets West, and are already counting down to the second workshop in Serbia, and the third, the Project Showcase that will unspool at Karlovy Vary IFF."


Balaur – writer/director Octav Chelaru, producer Livia Radulescu (Romania)

Brazil – writer/director Thelyia Petraki, producer Kostas Tagalakis (Greece)

Clouds On Leashes – writer/director Gunel Eva, producer Maria Ibrahimova (Azerbaijan)

Homeward – writer Marysia Nikitiuk, writer/director Nariman Aliev, producer Vladimir Yatsenko (Ukraine)

Leave No Traces – writer Kaja Krawczyk-Wnuk, director Jan P. Matuszynski, producer Leszek Bodzak (Poland)

Sex, Wire, Rock'n'Roll – writer/director Gabor Fabricius, producer Patricia D'Intino (Hungary)

The Last Balkan Film About the War – writer/director Lee Filipovski, producer Adi Dizdarevic (Serbia)

The Ugly Mandarine – writer/director Piaoyu Xie, producer Veronika Kuhrova (Czech Republic)

Sirin – writer Claudia Bottino, director Senad Sahmanovic, producer Velisa Popovic (Montenegro)


Danijel Hocevar – Head of Studies of Feature Launch   

Anne Gensior – Core Tutor

Pavel Jech – Core Tutor 

Ivo Trajkov – Core Tutor

Elma Tataragic – Guest Tutor

Thanos Anastopoulos – Guest Tutor 

Cedomir Kolar – Guest Tutor

Stefano Tealdi – Pitching Tutor

Check out our photo gallery here.

MIDPOINT Feature Launch is realized in collaboration with Ministry of Culture Czech Republic, Czech Film Fund, Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, Trieste Film Festival, When East Meets West, Film Center Serbia, CineMart and COCO – Connecting Cottbus.

MIDPOINT Shorts 2018 – Workshop 1

The first out of two workshops for short film projects also took off in Trieste, parallel to Feature Launch. 4 projects participated under the tutoring of Pavel Marek.

For Alma – writer/director Anton Breum and producer Maria Møller Kjeldgaard (Denmark)

Short Film with a Sheep – writer/director Ivana Skrabalo and producer Dora Prpic (Croatia)

The Gravel – writer Zsanett Kertesz, director Tamas Benko (Hungary)

There – writer/director Zeynep Koprulu and producer Utku Zeka (Turkey)

Photo gallery here.

Supported by Ministry of Culture Czech Republic, Czech Film Fund and Film Center Serbia.

Script Consulting Incubator

The new Czech training program for script consulting initiated by the Czech Film Fund and organized by MIDPOINT took off parallel to Feature Launch in Trieste. The Czech Film Fund has initiated this ambitious project to heighten the level of feature film scripts and to support a new generation of Czech script consultants. 4 script consultant trainees have been selected, they are Lucia Kajánková, Vít Poláček, Michal Reich and Milada Těšitelová and they are mentored by Incubator's Head of Studies, acclaimed Hungarian director Gyula Gazdag. They participate as script consultant trainees at MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2018 and later move on to become script consultants for new Czech film projects that have received development support from the film fund.

Read more here.


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