This year, Europa Distribution goes back to Bordeaux to celebrate the 10th anniversary of its collaboration with Cartoon Movie. Since 2009, thanks to this partnership, hundreds of independent film distributors have had the possibility to attend one of the most important market and pitching event for European animated films.

    During the 21st edition of Cartoon Movie (5 – 7 March), Europa Distribution organizes a workshop on Tuesday March 5th exclusively for its members to discuss about the release of European and international animation films. The workshop will focus on animation films aimed at adults. Despite the presence of a higher number of animation films circulating in major film festivals that do not have children as their primary target audience, reaching out to an adult audience for animation films remains a significant challenge in most European territories. 

    The workshop will be the opportunity for Europa Distribution members to exchange experiences and information about the release of different animation films. They will have the chance to compare the specific challenges they faced in  different territories and look for best practices with a potential to work across borders. Among titles to be discussed are: Loving Vincent (Dorota Kobiela, Hugh Welchman – Poland, UK, USA), Mirai (Mamoru Hosoda - Japan), Teheran Taboo (Ali Soozandeh – Germany, Austria), The Tower (Mats Grorud – France, Sweden, Norway). The case studies will be the starting point for a broader discussion involving all participants. What are the key elements to consider when preparing marketing campaigns?  How to keep chasing your audience after theatrical release?

    Europa Distribution will continue discussing with its members about the specific challenges of releasing and promoting independent films in Europe with its next workshops and panels in Sofia, Karlovy Vary, Haugesund, San Sebastian, Rome and Amsterdam and throughout the year, participating in conferences and meetings with distributors and other sectors of the value chain. 

    NOTE FOR THE EDITORS: Europa Distribution is the association of independent film distributors. With around 120 leading independent distributors representing 30 countries in Europe and beyond, it serves as the voice of the sector, and acts as a network and a think tank. Since 2006, Europa Distribution has been creating new bridges for its members to share knowledge and mutualise experience. Through dedicated brainstorming and training sessions, open panels, informal gatherings, the Association’s aim is enhancing the circulation of information and ideas and to improve the curation, promotion and distribution of independent films. 

    CONTACT: For more information about the presence of Europa Distribution at Cartoon Movie in Bordeaux, contact:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.