’Oh, Ramona!’ Remains Atop the Romanian Weekend Box Office, Leads 2019 with Highest Number of Admissions

    Oh, Ramona! by Cristina Jacob Oh, Ramona! by Cristina Jacob

    Romantic comedy ’Oh, Ramona!’, directed by Cristina Jacob, held on to the Romanian top spot in the second week since its release, thus becoming the highest grossing film in 2019, surpassing US blockbusters such as 'How to Train Your Dragon’, ’Ralph Breaks the Internet’, ’Glass’ and ’Alita: Battle Angel’.

    ’Oh, Ramona!’ outranked Lionsgate’s new release ’Cold Pursuit’, starring Liam Neeson, and Oscar winners ’The Favourite’ and ’Vice’, both new releases as well.

    With 77,327 admissions in the second week of release, the Romanian comedy has now reached a total of 189,208 cinemagoers.

    Jacob Bros released ’Oh, Ramona!’ on the 15th of February 2019. The film, produced by Zazu Film, is now on 92 screens in 48 cities. 

    About the success of her new film, director Cristina Jacob says: ‘Thank you for existing! Thank you for have join us and still going to watch the movie so many of you.  We exist because of you. This film and the Romanian cinema exist because of you, our audience! I want to congratulate you for supporting your fellows, those who make movies. This success is ours, of all of us.

    Together we succeeded, after 30 years, to be over all the other American movies. Together we can! Not only in cinema, but in all the rest!‘

    On the other side, Andrei Ciobanu, screenwriter and author of the bestseller this film was based on, adds: ‘Thank you from all my heart for coming to see the movie and for enjoying it. We are so glad you are with us on this journey.‘

    The interpreter of the main character, Bogdan Iancu, also thanks to the movie enthusiasts.

    ’Oh, Ramona!’ Andrei’s evolution from teenager to adult, as he experiences two alternating love stories, candidly and tongue placed firmly in cheek: first – the innocent, unrequited love, second – an intense, wild romp, and both leaving him unable to choose between them.

    The film was shoot in Braşov, Constanţa and Bucharest. The director went with an international cast of talented actors, from Romania, Great Britain and US: Bogdan Iancu, Aggy K. Adams, Holly Horne, Basil Eidenbenz, Leonardo Boudreau, Andromeda Godfrey, Melanie Ebanks, sharing the screen with Smiley, Feli, Andrei Ciobanu, Cristina Ich, Laura Giurcanu, Gina Pistol, Gabriel Jugaru, Howard Dell and Alex Coteț.

    Director Cristina Jacob already has her fans, after the big successes of ‘Selfie’ and ‘Selfie 69’ comedies, ‘Oh, Ramona’ became the Romanian film with the biggest number of viewers in the premiere weekend, since 2000.

    Watch the trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EykqSLTbYaU

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