Brussels, Friday 12 June 2009 - Through the partnership it has sealed this year with the

Brussels European Film Festival, the European Parliament today unveils the Official

Selection of its film prize - The LUX Prize.

Ten films are in the Official Selection, but only three will compete for the LUX Prize 2009.

They will be disclosed during the Venice International Film Festival in September.

The three competing films will be shown at the European Parliament from 2 to 20 November.

A vote will be cast by the 736 Members of the European Parliament to elect the winner, which will then be awarded the LUX Prize

2009 at the European Parliament on 25 November in Strasbourg.

European cinema is rich. Its wealth is multidimensional: diversity, talents and a long history

which sheds light on the melting pot of our individual and collective identities.

Since 2007, the LUX Prize is a true symbol of the support brought by the European Parliament

to the European film industry and its great, relentless creativity.

The aim of the LUX Prize is to spotlight the wealth and the diversity that characterize

European cinema by selecting films which deal, in different ways, with European issues -

especially what makes us think, divides us or brings us closer to each other.

Supporting Cultural and Linguistic Diversity. Encouraging the Circulation of European Films

«Being able to see other producers' films is a real problem in Europe. The LUX Prize is a first step

to solving it. I hope that everyone involved in distributing and screening movies throughout

Europe will grasp the significance of this.». [Luc Dardenne, winner, with his brother Jean-

Pierre, of the LUX Prize 2008 , for «Le Silence de Lorna» ]

For the European Parliament, the LUX Prize is a way to break down the language barriers

that prevent films from circulating in Europe. Much like «Auf der Anderen Seite» (2007) or

«Le Silence de Lorna» (2008), the LUX Prize 2009 winning film will benefit from the financial

support of the European Parliament:

  • subtitling in the EU's 23 official languages, including the adaptation of the original

version for visually- or hearing-impaired people;

  • producing, per member state, a 35 mm version or supporting the DVD release.

LUX Prize 2009 Official Selection

In 2009 again, the LUX Prize Official Selection spotlights ten films. These films have been

selected because of their quality and their contribution to the European public debate,

highlighting topics such as solidarity, immigration, justice, public freedom or fundamental

rights. Beyond the social issues it illustrates, every film becomes a window which opens up

on Europeans, their questions, their daily lives and their quest for identity.


The Ten Films in the 2009 Official Selection



Director: Claire Denis

Country: France, Germany

Year: 2008

Original language: French


Director: Caroline Strubbe

Country: Belgium, Hungary,

Netherlands, Germany, France

Year: 2009

Original language: English,

Dutch, Hungarian


Director: Roberto Castón

Country: Spain

Year: 2009

Original language: Basque,



Director: Rune Denstad Langlo

Country: Norway

Year: 2009

Original language: Norwegian


Director: Kamen Kalev

Country: Bulgaria, Sweden

Year: 2009

Original language: Bulgarian,

Turkish, English


Director: Yesim Ustaoglu

Country: Turkey, France,

Germany, Belgium

Year: 2008

Original language: Turkish



Director: Arash T. Riahi

Country: Austria, France

Year: 2008

Original language: Turkish,

English, Persian/Farsi


Director: Hans-Christian Schmid

Country: Germany, Denmark,


Year: 2009

Original language: English,

German, Bosnian, Serbian


Director: Peter Strickland

Country: Romania, UK, Hungary

Year: 2009

Original language: Hungarian,



Director: Philippe Lioret

Country: France

Year: 2009

Original language: French,

Kurdish, English

LUX 0 9


Selection process

Every year, a jury determines the Official Selection for the LUX Prize. This panel includes:

producers, distributors, exhibitors, festival directors or film critics. One third of the selection

jury is renewed yearly, and its members are appointed by the European Parliament's

Committee on Culture and Education. The jury includes the previous LUX Prize winner. The

European Commission sits on this jury as an observer (MEDIA programme).

To be eligible to be part of the LUX Prize Official Selection, films must meet the following


  • Fiction or animation films;
  • Minimum running time of 60 minutes;
  • Illustrating or questioning the founding values of our European identity, Europe's cultural

diversity and/or bringing insights into the debate on the EU integration process;

  • Produced or co-produced in countries eligible under the MEDIA 2007 programme

(European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland);

  • First theatre release between 1 June 2008 and 31 May 2009.

LUX Prize 2009: Important Dates and Events

  • 28 June - 5 July: Daily LUX Sessions at the Brussels European Film Festival

(5 p.m., Studio 4, Flagey)

  • 6 September: Announcing films in competition at the Venice International

Film Festival

  • 3 November: Opening evening ceremony
  • 2-20 November: Screening of competing films at the European Parliament

in Brussels

  • 24 November: Last day for the Members of the European Parliament

to vote

  • 25 November: Awarding the LUX Prize 2009 at the European Parliament

in Strasbourg

Contact: Bertrand PELTIER: Tel. +32 498 98 32 37

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Press Kit: http://www.lux-prize.eu/


LUX 0 9


2009 Selection Panel Members


Mr György BÁRON, Hungary

Film critic

Mr Anthony BOBEAU, France

Journalist, Le Film Français

Mrs Sonora BROKA, Latvia

Director and programmer, International

Centre for Cinema

Mrs Kirsten DALGAARD, Denmark

Co-president of the Natfilm International

Film Festival; exhibitor and distributor

Mr Stephan DE POTTER, Belgium

Distributor, Cinéart-Cinélibre

Mr Michel DEMOPOULOS, Greece

Special advisor for fiction at ERT, public


Mrs Fatima DJOUMER, European Union

Administrator for International relations

and events, Europa Cinéma

Mr Michal DROBNY, Slovakia

Exhibitor and distributor, Continental


Mr Jakub DUSZYŃSKI, Poland

Distributor, Gutek Films

Mrs Mercedes ECHERER, Austria

Director, Krems European Film Festival

(EU XXL Film)

Mr Denis FREYD, winner of the LUX

Prize 2008 ("Le silence de Lorna")

Producer, Archipel 35

Mrs Eve GABEREAU, United Kingdom

Co-managing director, Soda Pictures


Mrs Susanne HOFFMANN, Germany

General Secretary, Europa Prize

Mrs Georgette RANUCCI, Italy

Exhibitor and distributor, Lucky Red

Mrs Mira STALEVA, Bulgaria

Programmer, Sofia International Film


Mr Yvon THIEC, European Union

Delegate-General, Eurocinema

Mrs Nuria VIDAL, Spain

Film critic

Mrs Helena BRAUN, Observer

European Commission, MEDIA

Programme and Education to Media Unit

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