TVP films at the PRIX ITALIA 2010

There will be several, brand new TVP's productions soon presented in the competition of the forthcoming 62nd edition of the prestigious Prix Italia TV Festival in Torino. The "Tail Operation" by Ewa Pytka will be shown in the "TV fiction" category, and two documentary films in other categories: "Lech Majewski - the World According to Bruegel" by Dagmara Drzazga and "My Father, the Iron Curtain and Me" by Krzysztof Rzączyński. Two more documentaries will take part in the Prix Italia Special competition: "Warsaw Available" by Karolina Bielawska, Julia Ruszkiewicz and "An American in the Communist Poland" by Piotr Morawski, Ryszard Kaczyński.

The "Tail Operation" - a docudrama written by Włodzimierz Kuligowski presents one of the most peremptory and secretive operations in history of the communist Poland intelligence. It is a story of Piotr Jeglinski - a student of History Dept at the prestigious KUL, University of Lublin - who had been central for integrating an opposition circles in the late 70s. With help of Kazimierz - an agent, who had been one of the couriers of Piotr Jeglinski's special net of smugglers of the black-listed literature to the communist country - the police decides to eliminate Piotr Jeglinski and starts an operation under the cryptonym the "Tail"...

Produced by TVP2 "Lech Majewski - the World According to Bruegel" features the creative process of Lech Majewski on a set of his brand new feature film "The Mill and Cross" starring Charlotte Rempling, Rutger Hauer and Michael York. Dagmara Drzazga presents here not only the work of this one of the most distinguished and original film directors and visual artists nowadays, but also shows a philosophy of art of Pieter Bruegel, the Elder, whose painting - "The Mill and Cross" is a main theme of the film.

Nominated for the Golden Nymph Prize in Monte-Carlo this year, "My Father, the Iron Curtain and Me" produced by TVP Kultura, features the father-and-son relationship between the major contemporary music composer - Andrzej Panufnik and DJ Jem, creating the dance music in London. Born in the UK, DJ Jem, sets out on a journey to Poland in order to discover his father's cultural background and the reasons for his defection to the West in 1954 at the height of his fame.

Awarded the Grand Prix of the Krakow Documentary Film Festival this year, the winner of the Special Jury Prize in Houston - "Warsaw Available" - presents three young women, of different parts of Poland, that decide to change their lives and move to Warsaw in search for happiness and fulfillment. The film has been produced by Eureka Media for TVP2.

Awarded also already in Chicago, Houston and New York, produced by Kalejdoskop Film Studio for TVP1, "An American in the Communist Poland" is a film entirely composed of the archival materials shot during the unofficial visit of Robert Kennedy to Poland in 1964, just few months after JFK death. The footage taken in major part by the Secret Police, features Robert Kennedy's reactions and actions among the thousands of enthusiastic people welcoming him on streets of the then communist Warsaw and - from the other side - hundreds of agents closely watching all his moves.

Prix Italia festival - the oldest world competition for the TV productions - will present almost 1000 TV films from around the world, including the productions of ORF, VRT, ARTV, CBC, CCTV, HRT, CTV, DR, YLE, ARTE, FR, ARD, ZDF, MTV, RTE, RAI, NHK, KBS, MBC, NPO, NRK, RTP, TVR, CH1, RTVSLO, TVE, SVT, SRG SSR, BBC, CH4, ITV, etc. The special guest of the festival will be Peter Greenaway this year.

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