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Inspiration Day supported by FNE and CEI 2019 2019-07-05
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WARSAW: Warsaw Kids Film Forum, an international co-production forum for films and television series aimed at the children’s market, have selected 25 projects to be pitched at the third edition, taking place 25-27 September 2019.

The forum received 58 applications from 21 countries. The selected films represent 16 countries, including Croatia, the Czech Republic, Poland, Serbia, Slovakia and Slovenia. The filmmakers will present their projects to an audience of international and Polish distributors, sales agents, TV broadcasters, producers, investors, film institutes and funds. The sessions are divided into two groups: Projects in Development and Works in Progress.

Projects will be competing for the following awards:

  • CeTA Awards – Audiovisual Technology Center (Centrum Technologii Audiowizualnych CeTA) will award 2 projects with production and post production services at CeTA studios for a total amount of 37,600 EUR.
  • EAVE Award – European Audiovisual Entrepreneurs will be granting an invitation to the EAVE Marketing workshop in the autumn of 2018 in Luxembourg.
  • The Financing Forum for Kids Content Award (Malmö, Sweden) – The Forum will award the best pitch by giving the producers an invitation to present the project in Malmö in March 2019.
  • Pop Up Film Residency – Individual three-week membership programme in Bratislava.


Below you will find the full selection of projects to be included in Warsaw Kids Film Forum:

The Projects in Development are:

23 Insults, animated film, Studio KAPI, Ukraine
Abudiks & Gubidiks, animated TV series, Independent Forces, Turkey
Bobo and the Wonders, animated TV series, MINYA FILM AND ANIMATION, Croatia
Bumblebee’s Flight, live-action film, Interfilm, Croatia
Dr. Donnerwetter, live-action film, GotFat Productions, Denmark
Dustzone, live-action film, Bionaut, Czech Republic
Goalgetter Girls, live-action film, Minifilm KG, Austria
Grimbsy, live-action film, Helmet, Norway
I Love This, animated tv series, Animoon, Poland
Johann, Sebastian & Bach, animated TV series, GS animation, Poland
Napoleon, animated film, GotFat Productions, Denmark
Philosophy First, animated TV series, Un film a’la patte, France
Sol & Liv, animated film, Letko, Poland
Summer Kingdom, animated TV series, Yarki Studio, Ukraine
The Beanie, live-action film, Senca Studio, Slovenia
The Very Hairy Alphabet, animated TV series, Eliza Plocieniak-Alvarez, Germany
The Voyager - Call of the Vikings, live-action TV series, Gebrueder Beetz Filmproduktion, Germany
Too Old for Fairy Tales, live-action film, Pokromski Studio, Poland
Twice Upon a Time, live-action film, To Blink Animation, Serbia
Wojtek the Smiling Soldier Bear, animated film, AMARCORD S.R.L., Italy

Works in Progress:

How it Grows, animated TV series, Invida, Slovenia
Joy Eternal, a Divine Consultants Story, animated TV series, Fiilin Good Films Oy, Finland Summer with Bernard, live-action film, Projector23 GmbH & Co KG, Germany
The Purple Pin, animated TV series, YARKI STUDIO, Ukraine
Tripple Trouple, live-action film, Koi Studio, Poland

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Warsaw Kids Forum Inspiration Day: The future is in the content

FNE had teamed up with Warsaw Kids Forum for an Inspiration Day, an event sponsored by the Central European Initiative (CEI), that was held on 25-27 September 2019 at Kino Muranów in Warsaw. The event was designed to connect the guests of the Warsaw Kids Forum with leading experts in content produced by child and youth audiences. A panel of experts explored the new trends in TV and film made for children, while producers from all over the world showcased the most interesting projects of the last year.

The most significant part of creating content for a your viewers is to focus on the classics. What issues will always be important to children? What will always be relevant? Once you discover that, develop your content around it. Because everything else will change. The way children are watching film and TV develops constantly, right now they are more immersed in different platforms than ever. Everyone competes with everyone else. Netflix is more afraid of Fortnite, than Disney. To reach a young viewer you need to solve a puzzle similar to a rubrics cube. If you focus on creating good content focused on the classics, the changing market will not stop them.” David Kleeman Dubit said during his key-note speech launching Inspirational Days.

Inspiration Day launched with a panel “FORECASTING THE FUTURE FOR KIDS CONTENT – in TV and Digital SVoD” where speakers  Richard Rowe (DHX) Luca Milano (RAI Ragazzi),  Claire Tavernier (digital media adviser) and Maria Kosareva, Viacom (RU) discussed the issues connected to creating valuable content for young viewers.

Following the participants had a chance to explore NEW FRESH and EDGY KIDS TV PROGRAMMES in a series of case studies devoted to productions The Butterfly Effect, an interdisciplinary show exploring history by revisiting a key event from the past and showing kids what could have happened if history had taken a different turn. The show was presented by Nadine Zwick-Pellet, (ARTE JUNIOR, France). The second groundbreaking production showcased during Inspiration Days was Jams, a live action series for teenagers teaching them  how to react and cope with sexual harassment, presented by Luca Milano ( RAI Ragazzi, Italy and Simona Ercolani, CEO and Creative Producer of Stand By Me, Italy). It was followed by Overgrep, another production boldly created to help children recognise sexual harassment and inappropriate advances. The animated series was  presented by Joakim Vedeler ( NRK Super, Norway).

Stine Bomholt-Hansen (Level K, Denmark) shared the  do’s and don’ts in  distribution with a special focus on kids content, with key insight being creative content that is inclusive and smart, because the young audiences don’t turn to low-quality entertainment, unless they are left with no choice and Marie-Claude Beauchamp (Carpe Diem, Canada) talked about the new realities of project development in the most technologically developed segment of the film industry in her presentation “DEVELOPLING AN IP 360° – from the idea to licencing and immersive experience” based on the success story of a re-vamp of the 80’s Canadian animation classic “Snowtime!”  The local content was showcased by the SPPA – The Association Of Polish Animation Producers.

Silke Wilfinger (SilkWay Films and Carlos Hertel, IMC Strategy and Bavaria Media GmbH, Germany) led a special production financing workshop “The Art of Finding and Making a Deal Workshop”, followed by a presentation of the Black Mill, one of the newest Polish productions for the younger audience, a feature family film directed by Mariusz Palej, based on a bestselling novel and produced by TVP. The film is currently in production and is one of the first projects whose producers signed a contract to use the 30% cash rebate scheme offered in Poland since 2018.

The first day wrapped up with a screenwriting master class from Philip LaZebnik, an awarded American screenwriter and producer. LaZebnik has written screenplays for films including Pocahontas, Mulan, The Prince of Egypt, The Road to El Dorado, The Lost Treasure of the Knights Templar, Asterix and the Vikings, The Three Investigators and the Secret of Skeleton Island, The Lost Treasure of the Knights Templar II – among others.

The participants also had a chance to take a special locations tour through Warsaw organised by the Warsaw Film Commission, where they had a chance to explore great locations and learn about the history behind them. The route included Cinema Muranów, Krasiński Garden, Krasiński Square, New Town, Barbican, Old Town, Theatre Square. The day finished with an evening networking event hosted by KIPA KIDS and SPPA, aimed at forming connections that will result in future cooperation on a film or TV series for the young viwers.

The second part of Inspiration Days took place on 26th September 2019 during the CO-PRO-NECT Breakfast. In these 30 minutes intimate and interactive sessions, key funders and content executives share their experiences in co-production, investment and partnership, programming, acquisition and commissioning strategies with speakers Agnes Augustin (Shaw-Rocket Fund, Canada), Marie-Claude Beauchamp, (Carpe Diem, Canada) and Luca Milano (RAI Ragazzi, Italy). A total of 27 projects representing 15 countries were pitched, along with one special Polish work-in-progress presentation. Seven of the projects were Polish productions or coproduction, but the forum is clearly an international event with industry representatives from across Europe and Canada.

Over 270 guests attended the sixth edition of the Warsaw Kids Film Forum, a three-day international industry event running through 27 September 2019. “The numbers of attendees has grown by some 30%, thanks in large part to a new sponsorship from FNE and Central European Initiative (CEI),” WKFF Project Manager Zosia Horszczaruk told FNE.