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CANNES: Forever Hold Your Peace by Ivan Marinović from Montenegro won the Krzysztof Kieślowski ScripTeast Award  2019 for the Best Eastern European Script at Cannes on 21 May 2019.

FOREVER HOLD YOUR PEACE by Ivan Marinović from Montenegro has won the Krzysztof Kieślowski ScripTeast Award  2019 for the Best Eastern Europan Script.

The award, including a checque for €10.000, was presented on May 21 this year during the Cannes Film Festival by the ScripTeast Artistic Board: Doreen Boonekamp, Sandy Lieberson, Antonio Saura, Manfred Schmidt, and Simon Perry, along with longtime heads of studies Christian Routh and Tom Abrams.

In their citation, the Artistic Board state: “The script is entertaining and funny, as well as profound. It is an ensemble study of a group of delightfully crafted characters immersed in an increasingly absurd ceremony that reflects ironically on the human condition in an engaging cinematic romp”.

The Artistic Board have also decided to award a Special Mention to STILLBORN, by Lena Gora and Olga Chajdas (Poland) “…for presenting a fascinating account of a turbulent moment in recent Central European history. The writers manage to convey an authentic and rebellious society in which themes of motherhood, family and culture are confronted in a dynamic and energetic fashion”.

The winner was chosen from the 11 screenplays from 9 Central and Eastern European countries that took part in the 13th edition.

Projects featured in the 13th edition of ScripTeast:

  • Chemistry - Adina Dulcu, Romania
  • Forever Hold Your Peace - Ivan Marinović, Montenegro
  • M - Vardan Tozija and Darijan Pejovski, North Macedonia
  • Mother -  Zornitsa Sophia i Miglena Dimova-Kumitski, Bulgaria
  • Nightsiren - Tereza Nvotová i Barbora Námerová, Slovakia / Czech Republic
  • Recordings  - Diana Groó, Hungary
  • Spinners - Ivars Tontegode and Reinis Ubelis, Latvia
  • Stillborn - Olga Chajdas and Lena Góra, Poland
  • The Night of The Living Toys - Michał Walczak and Maria Wojtyszko, Poland
  • The Pale - Rusudan Pirveli, Georgia
  • The Sibyl - Zuzanna Solakiewicz, Poland

The programme of the 13th edition of ScripTeast began in October last year with a week-long workshop that included individual meetings with world-famous screenwriters, directors and producers, followed by individual online consultations. In February this year, the screenwriters participated in sessions at the Berlinale film festival. The final session of this cycle was concluded during the Cannes Film Festival.

Among the previous recipients of the Krzysztof Kieslowski ScripTeast Award are Benedek Fliegauf  (‘Womb’ - Locarno Festival 2008), Marysia Nikitiuk (‘When the Trees Fall’, Berlinale 2018), and Simeon Ventsislavov (‘Aga’, Berlinale 2018).


ScripTeast was created by Polish director and producer Dariusz Jablonski, in collaboration with his closest associates, producers: Violetta Kaminska and Izabela Wojcik. Together, besides wide international production activities through their companies Apple Film and Message Film, they created the Independent Film Foundation, which promotes ambitious films and its authors in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe.

ScripTeast is organized by Polish Independent Film Foundation, co-funded by Creative Europe - MEDIA Sub-Programme of the EU, Polish Film Institute, The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage - Found for the Promotion of Culture, Apple Film Production, in co-operation with the European Film Academy, Producers Network, European Producers Club, Transatlantic Partners, ACE – Atelier du Cinema European and Film New Europe. 

On Sunday, 17 May, the shooting of the feature film Riders by the director Dominik Mencej began in Gospić, Croatia. The screenplay was written by Boris Grgurović. The director's debut tells a story about two best friends, Tomaž and Anton, who are both in their mid-twenties and from the same village in the Slovenian region of Prlekija. They decide to redesign their mopeds to make them look like choppers. Ivan and Anton embark on a journey: Anton wants to impress his girlfriend who is studying in the capital and has not written to him in months, while Tomaž searches for spiritual answers to his visions, hoping that faith will guide him. Anton's plan backfires, but he does discover his true mission: to become a world traveller. Tomaž, on the other hand, becomes enlightened: for the first time in his life, he realises that God is love.

Starring Petja Labović, Timon Šturbej, Anja Novak, and the Serbian actor Nikola Kojo. Director of photography: Janez Stucin; production design: Iva Rodić; costumes design: Katarina Zaninović; makeup design: Tatjana Lipanović; and editor: Andrej Nagode.

The film is produced by Miha Černec of the Staragara production company from Ljubljana and co-produced by the companies Antitalent from Croatia, Novi film from Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Sense Production from Serbia.

The project has been financially supported by the Slovenian Film Centre, Viba Film, Creative Europe – Media, RE-ACT, First Film First, RTV Slovenija, Film Centre Serbia, and Foundation for Cinematography Sarajevo.

The shooting is scheduled to conclude by July 2019, while the film is to be finished by April 2020.

Dominik Mencej (1987) has always been passionate about film. In 2008 he shot a few shorts and was accepted to the AGRFT in Ljubljana, where he graduated in film and TV directing. Selected filmography (shorts): The Springtime Sleep (2014), Garbage Day (2011).

CANNES: Sabine Groenewegen’s Dutch documentary Odyssey won the annual Doc Alliance Selection Award 2019, traditionally presented by seven key European festivals.

CANNES: Marketa Santrochova, Deputy Director of the Czech Film Center, has been elected as the new president of European Film Promotion. She replaces Martin Schweighofer, who served in the post for four years.

CANNES: The North Macedonia Film Agency announced a meeting of its CEO with the head of the Greek Film Center during the Cannes Film Festival.

PULA: Eight Croatian films and six minority coproductions will compete for Golden Arenas at the 66th Pula Film Festival, which takes place 13 to 21 July 2019. More than 130 films were submitted after a public call for participation in Croatia’s national festival.