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EAVE ON DEMAND tailor-made workshop for producers of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil


10-12 January 2020

When East Meets West (WEMW), Trieste Film Festival, Italy


19-21 January 2020

WEMW -  Co-Production Forum, Trieste Film Festival, Italy


19-21 January 2020

WEMW - Last Stop Trieste, Trieste Film Festival, Italy


19-20 January 2020

WEMW – First Cut Lab, Trieste Film Festival, Italy


19-21 January 2020

WEMW – This Is It, Trieste Film Festival, Italy


21 January 2020

MIDPOINT Feature Launch Workshop 1, during the Trieste Film Festival – Eastweek and When East Meets West Co-production Forum, Italy


16-22 January 2020

MIDPOINT Shorts, Workshop 2, during the Trieste Film Festival – Eastweek and When East Meets West Co-production Forum, Italy


16-22 January 2020

IFFR Pro Days, Rotterdam Film Festival, the Netherlands


22 January -2 February 2020 (festival dates)

IFFR Pro Hub, Rotterdam Film Festival, the Netherlands


25-29 January- 2020

CineMart, Rotterdam Film Festival, Netherlands, the Netherlands


26-29 January 2020


Torino SeriesLab, 2nd residential workshop, Turin, Italy


6-11 February 2020

Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Market, Clermont-Ferrand Short FF, France


3-6 February 2020

Euro Connection Co-production  platform, during the International Short Film Market in Clermont-Ferrand, France


4-5 February 2020

Emerging Producers edition 2019 (2nd leg), Berlin, Germany


17-22 February 2020

European Film Market, Berlinale, Germany                   


20-27 February 2020

Berlinale Coproduction Market, Berlin, Germany


22-26 February 2020

IMZ & Sunny Side of the Doc Pitching Session (+ One-on-One Follow Up Session) during Avant Première, Berlin, Germany


24 February 2020

B2B Belgrade Industry Meetings, Belgrade IFF, Serbia


28 February-9 March 2020 (festival dates)


Cartoon Movie, Pitching & co-pro event - feature films, Bordeaux, France


3-5 March 2020

Thessaloniki Pitching Forum, Thessaloniki Documentary Festival, Greece


6-11 March 2020

EAVE European Producers Workshop 1, Luxembourg


6-13 March 2020

Agora DocMarket, Thessaloniki Documentary Festival, Greece


7-14 March 2020

Ex-Oriente, Session 3, East Doc Platform, One World International Human Rights Documentary FF, Prague, Czech Republic


7-13 March 2020

East Doc Platform, One World International Human Rights Documentary FF, Prague, Czech Republic


7-13 March 2020

East Doc Forum, East Doc Platform, One World International Human Rights Documentary FF, Prague, Czech Republic


7-13 March 2020 (Preparatory workshop) 12 March 2020 (Pitching)

East Dok Market in Prague, East Doc Platform, One World International Human Rights Documentary FF, Czech Republic


10-11 March 2020

Docs in Progress,Thessaloniki Documentary Festival, Greece


11 March 2020

ZAGREBDOX PRO - ZAGREB DOX International Documentary FF, Zagreb, Croatia


15-20 March 2020

CEE Animation Workshop, 2nd Workshop, Tallinn, Estonia (TBC)


16-21 March 2020

Sofia Meetings,Sofia IFF, Bulgaria


18-22 March 2020

ScriptLab, 1st residential workshop, Kyiv, Ukraine


19-25 March 2020 

Cinélatino Rencontres de Toulouse, France


20-29 March 2020

Torino SeriesLab, 3rd residential workshop, final presentation and meetings, European Project and Talent Forum, Series Mania Forum, Lille, France


21-27 March 2020

Cartoon Business, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain


24-26 March 2020

New Arrivals, Go Short Campus, International Short FF, Nijmegen, the Netherlands


31 March-5 April 2020

EAVE+ workshop on running sustainable film companies, Luxembourg


31 March-5 April 2020


EAVE +, Luxembourg


31 March-5 April  2020

MIDPOINT Feature Launch Workshop 2, Czech Republic/Slovakia


19-25 April 2020

Beijing Film Market, Beijing IFF, Beijing, China


21-24 April 2020

Moscow Co-Production Forum, Moscow Business Square, Moscow IFF, Russia


22-19 April 2020 (festival dates)

MIDPOINT  TV Launch Workshop 1, Breznice, Czech Republic


23-30 April 2010

Docs in Progress, Doc Outlook, Visions du Réel IFF, Nyon, Switzerland


24 April-2 May 2020 (festival dates)

Pitching du Réel: Coproduction Forum, Doc Outlook, Visions du Réel IFF, Nyon, Switzerland


24 April-2 May 2020 (festival dates)

Rough Cut Lab, Doc Outlook, Visions du Réel IFF, Nyon, Switzerland


24 April-2 May 2020 (festival dates)

Opening Scenes, Visions du Réel IFF, Nyon, Switzerland


24 April-2 May 2020 (festival dates)

Immersive and Interactive Formats, Visions du Réel IFF, Nyon, Switzerland


24 April-2 May 2020 (festival dates)

Ties That Bind, EAVE Asia-Europe Co-Production Workshop 1, Udine Far East Film Festival, Italy


27April-1 May 2020

dok.incubator, Session 1- Rough-Cut, Banska Štiavnica, Slovakia


30 April-2 May 2020


CEE Animation Workshop, 3rd Workshop, Liberec, Czech Republic


4-9 May 2020

CEE Animation Forum, Liberec, Czech Republic


5-8 May 2020

Animation Production Days (APD), Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film, Germany


6-8 May 2020

Marché du Film (Producers Network, Doc Corner, Industry Workshops), Cannes Film Festival, France


12-21 May 2020

Producers on the Move in Cannes, France


14-18 May 2020

Speed Meetings, Latin Pitch, Interactive Pitch, Rough Cut Screenings within Docs Barcelona, International Documentary FF, Spain


20-30 May 2020 (festival dates)

Cartoon Digital, Cagliari, Italy


26-28 May 2020

Boat Meeting Coproduction Market, Kyiv IFF Molodist, Ukraine


30 May-7 June 2020 (festival dates)


Torino FutureLab, 1st Residential workshop, France



EAVE Producers Workshop W2, Galway, Ireland


8-15 June 2020

International Animation Film Market (MIFA), Annecy Animated FF, France


16-19 June 2020

Sunny Side of the Doc, La Rochelle, France


22-25 June 2020

IMZ & Sunny Side of the Doc Pitching Session for the winning project, La Rochelle, France


22-25 June 2020

dok.incubator, Session 2 – Fine Cut & Distribution, Telč, Slovakia


22-27 June 2020

Torino ScriptLab 2nd residential workshop, location TBA


TBA (second half of June 2020)


MIDPOINT Feature Launch Workshop 3, Prague/Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic


2-8 July 2020

Works in Development- Feature Launch, Eastern Promises, Karlovy Vary IFF, Czech Republic


5-8 July 2020 (KVIFF Eastern Promises Industry Days)

Eurimages Lab Project Award, Eastern Promises, Karlovy Vary IFF, Czech Republic


5-8 July 2020 (KVIFF Eastern Promises Industry Days)

Docs in Progress, Eastern Promises, Karlovy Vary IFF, Czech Republic


5-8 July 2020 (KVIFF Eastern Promises Industry Days)

Works in Progress, Eastern Promises, Karlovy Vary IFF, Czech Republic


6 July 2020

New Horizons Studio +, T-Mobile New Horizons FF, Wroclaw, Poland


23 July-2 August 2020 (festival dates)


MIDPOINT TV Launch, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina


2 August 2020

CineLink Drama, Sarajevo IFF, Bosnia and Herzegovina


15–20 August 2020

Docu Rough Cut Boutique, Sarajevo IFF, Bosnia and Herzegovina


15–19 August 2020

True Stories Market, Sarajevo IFF, Bosnia and Herzegovina


15–18 August 2020

CineLink Talks, Sarajevo IFF, Bosnia and Herzegovina


15–20 August 2020

Avant Premiere, Sarajevo IFF, Bosnia and Herzegovina


16–20 August 2020

Docu Talents from the East / Ji.hlava IDFF, Sarajevo IFF, Bosnia and Herzegovina


16 August 2020

Talents Sarajevo Pack&Pitch, Sarajevo IFF, Bosnia and Herzegovina


18–19 August 2020

CineLink Co-production Market, Sarajevo IFF, Bosnia and Herzegovina


18–20 August 2020

MIDPOINT TV Launch, Workshop 2, Sarajevo IFF, Bosnia and Herzegovina




NISI MASA European Short Pitch


Autumn 2020 (date TBA)

Co-financing forum of international documentary projects, Baltic Sea Docs, Riga, Latvia


14-17 September 2020

Cartoon Forum, Pitching & co-pro event - TV series, Toulouse, France 


14–21 September 2020

Dok. Incubator, Near Picture Lock, Session 3, Malmö, Sweden


17–22 September 2020 (festival dates)

Nordisk Panorama Market, Nordisk Panorama FF, Malmö, Sweden


18–26 September 2020 (festival dates)

Films in Progress, San Sebastian FF, Spain


18–26 September 2020 (festival dates)

Glocal in Progress, San Sebastian FF, Spain


18–26 September 2020 (festival dates)

Europe-Latin American Co-producion Forum, San Sebastian FF, Spain


18–26 September 2020 (festival dates)

Ikusmira Berriak, San Sebastian FF, Spain


25 September-3 October 2020 (festival dates)

Holland Film Meeting, Netherlands FF, Utrecht

Torino FutureLab,2nd Residential workshop, location TBA





MIPCOM, Cannes, France


12-15 October 2020

Lisbon Docs, Docslisboa, Lisbon International Documentary FF, Portugal



Film London Production Finance Market, BFI London FF, Great Britain



Emerging Producers  edition 2020 (1st leg), Jihlava International Documentary FF, Czech Republic


27-31 October 2020

East Silver Market, Jihlava International Documentary FF, Czech Republic


27 October-1 November 2020 (festival dates)

Ex Oriente Film 2nd session, Jihlava International Documentary FF, Czech Republic


27 October-1 November 2020 (festival dates)

Visegrad Accelerator, Jihlava International Documentary FF, Czech Republic


27 October-1 November 2020 (festival dates)

DOK CO-PRO Market, Dok Leipzig, Germany


26-27 October 2020

EAVE Producers Workshop  W3, Rijeka-Opatija, Croatia


19-26 October 2020

Conference Fascinations, Jihlava International Documentary FF, Czech Republic


28-29 October 2020

Jihlava Academy, Jihlava International Documentary FF, Czech Republic


28 October-1 November 2020

Festival Identity, Jihlava International Documentary FF, Czech Republic


29 October-31 November 2020


EAVE Marketing Workshop, Luxembourg


10-15 November 2020

Connecting Cottbus, Cottbus IFF, Germany


4-6 November 2020

Mannheim Meeting Place,  Mannheim IFF, Germany



Docs for Sale, IDFA (International Documentary FF Amsterdam), the Netherlands


19-26 November 2020 (festival dates)

IDFA Forum, IDFA ( International Documentary FF Amsterdam), the Netherlands


19-26 November 2020 (festival dates)

IDFA DocLab, IDFA (International Documentary FF Amsterdam), the Netherlands


19-26 November 2020 (festival dates)

Baltic Event, Tallinn Black Nights FF, Estonia



MIDPOINT TV Launch Workshop 3, during Baltic Event, Tallinn, Estonia



Ties That Bind, EAVE Asia-Europe Co-Producers Workshop 2, Singapore during the Southeast Asian Film Financing (SAFF) Forum


end of November-beginning of December (dates TBA)

Torino FutureLab, TFL Meeting Event, Turin, Italy



Torino ScriptLab 3rd residential workshop and TFL Meeting Event, Turin, Italy


TBA (second half of November 2020)

Torino Feature Lab, TFL Meeting Event, Turin, Italy


TBA (second half of November 2020)



SKOPJE: Willow, the new feature film by the Academy award nominated Macedonian helmer Milcho Manchevski, has been acquired by the French sales agent Reel Suspects.

BELGRADE: The documentary In Praise of Nothing (2017) by Serbian director Boris Mitić was the most watched documentary on MUBI in 2019, the platform announced as part of its first annual awards. This ‘feelgood documentary about Nothing' is a Serbian/Croatian/French coproduction, shot in 70 countries, narrated by Iggy Pop and scored by cabaret grandmasters Pascal Comelade and The Tiger Lillies.

We are happy that tx-reverse 360° will be shown at Sundance Film Festival 2020 / New Frontier (Park City, USA), 23 January to 2 February 2020. So far the film has received 53 invitations to film festivals and won 8 international film awards!

Back in the 1990s, Martin Reinhart invented a film technique called "tx-transform", which exchanges the time (t) and space axis (x) in a film. Normally, each individual film frame represents the entire space, but only a brief moment of time (1/24 second). In the case of tx-transformed films, however, the opposite is true: each film frame shows the entire time, but only a tiny part of the space – in cuts along the horizontal spatial axis, the left part of the image thus becomes the "before", the right part the "after".

20 years after Martin Reinhart and Virgil Widrich used this film technique for the first time in a short film ("tx-transform", 1998), they again deal with the question of which previously unseen world arises when space and time are interchanged, aptly in a cinema and at full 360°: at the Babylon Kino in Berlin they filmed with the OmniCam-360 about 135 actors and calculated the short film "tx-reverse" from this material.

tx-reverse 360°

Concept and direction                           Martin Reinhart, Virgil Widrich
Music and sound design                       Siegfried Friedrich

Film distribution                                     Sixpack Film/Aug & Ohr
Distribution 360° VR                              Lemonade Films

ZENICA: CineStar, the largest multiplex cinema chain in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region, has opened its fifth multiplex in the city of Zenica on 17 December 2019.

On 17 December 2019, CineStar Cinema chain in Bosnia and Herzegovina is richer by another site which was opened in the city of Zenica, in Central Bosnia.

ZAGREB: American media mogul and founder of E! Larry Namer is currently in Zagreb, where an episode of the documentary series Explore the World has recently been filmed.

The call for the exclusive one-year training program CIRCLE will be announced by 20 January 2020. We are looking for up to 10 female filmmakers (directors and/or producers) with a strong documentary project in any stage of production (from development to rough cut) who are seeking further support to upgrade their professional skills, develop films with leading experts and bring them to the wider professional audience

Wrapping up things during December 2019 is just a thing one does, it is in our bones. Ideas, conclusions and plans are in the very core of the final days of a year and in the CIRCLE’s project book they are noted with ambitious flavor.

CIRCLE Women Doc Accelerator, program for documentary filmmakers and producers who are developing internationally potential projects, is concluding its vibrant sophomore year with an optimistic look towards the next endeavors. Launched in 2018, CIRCLE is training initiative with the main goal of empowering women who work in the film industry through the development of their own projects, as well as through polishing of their professional skills. Introducing them to the current tendencies and tools, as well as providing them with insights in market positioning and networking are some of the pieces of a puzzle called contemporary film-making.

Biljana Tutorov, producer, director and founder of CIRCLE:

“CIRCLE is a filmmakers initiative born out of craving to have a platform where we can in confidence exchange about our projects, helped daily by carefully chosen experts in order to assume our desires as filmmakers and to work together towards the excellence. We are offten too impressed by the industry expectations and forget that we are artists who think through our films. This space of solidarity is something I missed in my early development.“

The program runs in three modules and during 2019 the participants were director and producer Alina Gorlova (Between Two Wars, Ukraine), director and producer Andrea Gautier (Celluloid Nymphs, Spain), director Anđelka Vujinović (4 Goodnight Stories, Serbia),  director Anna Savchenko, (72 Hours, Belarus), director Asia Dér (I Haven’t Died, Hungary), director Charlie Cauchi (Big Silver, Malta), director Federica Martino (Woolman, Italy), director Joanna Janikowska (Comrades, Poland) and finally director Lee Nechushtan (Two Sisters, Israel). They had a chance to to work intensively with numerous experts from film industry.

Alina Gorlova (Between Two Wars, Ukraine)

“I think it's very unique workshop, because I was feeling individual approach to each project. Sometimes you have to protect your film during such programs, but CIRCLE creates this space of trust where you could share your doubts and fears with tutors and participants.“

Since the whole idea of CIRCE is to promote and equip individual female authors for their careers, the list of professionals responsible for the the transfer of knowledge has to be from the top tier. And in 2019 it was pretty much stellar. It all started with the first module in Podgorica (Montenegro) with Rada Šešić, director and selector of The Competition Programme - Documentaries at Sarajevo Film Festival and member of selection teams of IDFA Amsterdam and IFFR Rotterdam; director of the DOK Co-Pro Market, DOK Leipzig’s Brigid O'Shea; scriptwriter and story editor Simona Nobile who is MEDIA, Eurimages and MIBACT consultant and EWA representative. Along them the first module was organized with the input from Tamara Kotevska, co-director of film Honeyland, this year's triple winner at Sundance Film Festival; Goran Dević, director of numerous awarded films, professor at Academy of Dramatic Art Zagreb and producer, distributor and director of Liburnia Film festival Oliver Sertić

The second module in Novi Sad was especially productive with Joana Solecka, marketing expert and a great connoisseur of everything that we call "audience design"; film editor and documentary script consultant Phil Jandaly; Aleksandar Govedarica - sales agent for Syndicado, one of the leading documentary distribution companies; Jelena Mišeljić - producer, programmer and professor at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Cetinje; Ivana Mladenović (Serbia, Romania) - director of the award-winning films Soldiers. Story from Ferentari and Ivana The Terrible, which won the Special Jury Prize in Locarno in 2019 and has been analyzed through a case study; Maša Marković - Cinelink Coordinator and Selector of "Dealing With the Past" program at the Sarajevo Film Festival.

Anna Savchenko, (72 Hours, Belarus)

“CIRCLE workshop has been crucial for me and my film project since its my first feature length and getting into the environment of unique expertise in documentary, but at the same time very open, friendly and encouraging, helped me to understand better which path to choose to continue development and enter production of the film, build up a great network with other participants, tutors and film professionals during the workshop sessions and our delegation in Dok Leipzig Co-production market.”

The year-long process of CIRCLE concluded at DOK Leipzig where all the participants had a chance to  impress their colleagues at the 15th DOK Co-Pro Market. EWA – the European Women’s Audiovisual Network has awarded the EWA Development Prize for the best project by filmmakers in the Circle Women Dok Accelerator. Their decision was to split the award to two projects. The financial support went to Between Two Wars by Alina Gorlova and Anna Savchenko received mentorship support to further development of her project 72 Hours for a whole year.

Of course it has to finish with the awards – it is December after all. Preparations for the third CIRCLE Women Doc Accelerator are underway and during the January it will all start again: discovering the uncut film gems brought to surface by talented and diligent women film-makers from Europe.

The program is organized by the production company Wake Up Films from Novi Sad in cooperation with UnderhillFest from Podgorica, DOK Leipzig Festival, European Women's Audiovisual Network (EWA), MEDIA Desk Serbia, MEDIA Desk of Montenegro and with the support of the Film Center of Montenegro, Serbian Film Center, City of Novi Sad and the The Petrović Njegoš Foundation.

More about CIRCLE:



PRAGUE: The Czech/Slovak/Ukrainian coproduction The Painted Bird by Václav Marhoul has been sold by Celluloid Dreams to the Canadian distributor Northern Banner Releasing. The Painted Bird is shortlisted by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in the International Feature Film category.

KYIV: The Ukraine is launching a cash rebate for foreign film productions starting 2020. Feature films, documentaries and animated films can apply, as well as TV feature films or animated series, commercials and music videos. Under the scheme foreign productions will be able to get back up to 25% of the qualified costs for producing films in the Ukraine, and an additional 5% if they pass the cultural test on Ukrainian subjects.