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TBILISI: The Georgian directors, father and son Temur and Gela Babluani plan to open by 2020 a Georgian-French cinema school in Georgia for approximately 300 international and local students.

BELGRADE: The Head of Film Center Serbia Boban Jevtić and Deputy Head of Farabi Cinema Foundation for International Affairs Raed Faridzadeh signed an agreement to expand cooperation in film industry.

The upcoming East Doc Platform 2019 will offer not only the traditional documentary projects, but also those telling stories in a very innovative way. The East Doc Interactive workshop helps to bring to life many non-fiction interactive webdocs, immersive VR/AR projects, but also serious docu-games.

BRATISLAVA: The Slovak commercial broadcaster Slovenská produkčná, which owns TV JOJ, has bought the Czech thematic channel company Ceskoslovenskou filmovou spolecnost, whose portfolio includes CS film, CS mini, Horror film, War TV, Kinosvet and the online video portal Popular.

WARSAW: The documentary Freely, Mostafa Derkaoui / Librement, Mostafa Derkaoui by Sophie Delvallée, a coproduction between France, Morocco and Poland, is in its final stage of postproduction.

ZAGREB: Nineteen titles were selected for the International Competition of the 15th ZagrebDox International Documentary Film Festival, running from 24 February to 3 March 2019. Eighteen films vie in the Regional Competition.

The documentary Librement, Mostafa Derkaoui (eng. Freely, Mostafa Derkaoui) by Sophie Delvallée is in its final stage of post-production. The main character, Mostafa Derkaoui, who studied in the Lodz Film School in the late 60s, will come to Berlinale to attend the public screening of his first feature film De quelques événements sans signification (eng. About Some Meaningless Events) made in 1974.  

(link at Berlinale)

Banned in Morocco and abroad for over 20 years, the film was only shown once, in 1975, at the Paris Film Festival. The original material, which had been lost, was finally located in Barcelona Cinematek which decided to restore it. It is this restored copy that the public in Berlin will be able to discover.

The story of About Some Meaningless Events, its censorship and restoration process, is also in the heart of the new documentary of Sophie Delvallée (Freely, Mostafa Derkaoui). The doc brings Mostafa back to his film school in Poland 40 years later. This journey is an opportunity for him to look back to the freedom of creation he experienced there, and for us it is a way to understand how his student films made in Poland foreshadow his first feature film aesthetically. 

In this film, Mostafa Derkaoui finally speaks about the heavy tribute he had to pay after the banishment of his first feature film upon his return from Poland to Morocco, and how he managed to keep making movies. 

Mostafa Derkaoui is now considered a pioneer of Moroccan cinema and one of the most prolific Moroccan directors.

Freely, Mostafa Derkaoui is the international co-production between France (Kaleo Films), Morocco (Abel Aflam) and Poland (Entertain Pictures).

The film is supported by CNC, the Polish Film Institute, 2M TV Maroc, Lyon Capitale, Région Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur, Région Ile de France,  CCM, Procirep-angoa, Scam's Brouillon d'un rêve, Sacem 's original music support and Région Rhône-Alpes Auvergne.