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NICOSIA: Several productions have been approved for incentives or already applied for incentives in Cyprus, where the cash rebate of up to 35 percent on qualifying expenditures was launched in 2018.

Today in Warsaw will start the first session of DOC DEVELOPMENT - an intensive program of documentary development at an early stage. The project will be developed by, among others, a valued cinematographer and documentalist Paweł Dyllus, laureate of numerous international awards for "3 days of freedom" Łukasz Borowski, titled author of animations and music videos Urszula Morga, director of the award-winning Arabian secret Julia Groszek, Grand Press Photo winner Paweł Wyszomirski and Aleksandra Maciejczyk, whose film "Connected" was awarded the Silver Dragon at the 59th Krakow Film Festival. In total, 12 projects take part in the program.

The first edition of DOC DEVELOPMENT will open the Warsaw session planned for the last week of June. The next sessions will be held in autumn: in September, October, November and December. The program is organized by the Filmowa im. Władysław Ślesicki.


Konsultacje z tutorami programu DOC LAB POLAND (archiwum)

DOC DEVELOPMENT will consist of five 3-day sessions, during which participants will consult their ideas with tutors and experts - leading Polish filmmakers and other participants, analyze research and documentary photos, prepare a preliminary teaser and professional presentation materials, and finally write or refine the script. Each project is also provided to cover the cost of documentation in the amount of PLN 1,500.

The program ends with pitching for producers interested in cooperation on participants' projects and individual meetings with them. The effect of the program is also to prepare projects for submitting applications to PISF for development. The consultants of the program are leading Polish documentalists: Lidia Duda, Bartek Konopka and Jacek Bławut. The program's director is Adam Ślesicki. The workshops will also be run by producers Katarzyna Ślesicka and Anna Wydra as well as lawyers, specialists in promotion, preparation of trailers, research, archives, etc.

- The creators often struggle with the problem of "blank paper". Often they do not have anyone to consult their projects with - says Adam Ślesicki, director of DOC DEVELOPMENT. - I would like to create a place where in a friendly atmosphere they will be able to confront their ideas, give in to constructive criticism, knowing that sympathetic experts will listen to them, and at the same time they will work intensively on projects. We created such a model 5 years ago in DOC LAB POLAND and I see that it brings very good results. Now we want to focus also on this earlier stage, when the project is just being created, when it can still be run in different directions and make choices that will later decide on the film. DOC DEVELOPMENT assumes working with directors, but we would also like to prepare them for interviews with producers, equip them with the necessary tools for this cooperation and show the elements that later influence, for example, successful project financing. Over 50 projects submitted for selection show that the demand for such a program is high.


Warsztaty Fundacji Filmowej im. Władysława Ślesickiego w 2018 roku (archiwum)

The first edition of the program will be attended by: Karina Bedkowska, Łukasz Borowski, Aleksandra Maciejczyk, Filip Drzewiecki, Paweł Dyllus, Klaudia Folga, Julia Groszek, Ilona Laskowska-Levy, Emmanuel Levy, Eri Mizutani, Urszula Morga, Andrzej Szypulski, and Paweł Wyszomirski.

Organizatorem DOC DEVELOPMENT jest Fundacja Filmowa im. Władysława Ślesickiego, która od 2015 roku prowadzi największy w Polsce program konsultacyjno-prezentacyjny DOC LAB POLAND. Efektem dotychczasowych pięciu edycji jest ok. 120 rozwijanych lub pitchowanych projektów, z których powstało już ok. 40 filmów zdobywających laury na całym świecie. Co roku w ramach programu odbywa się ponad 300 indywidualnych spotkań koprodukcyjnych i dystrybucyjnych podczas Krakowskiego Festiwalu Filmowego. Fundacja jest także organizatorem jedynego w Polsce międzynarodowego Marketu Koprodukcyjnego na KFF (co roku ponad ok. 40 uczestniczących producentów i ok. 400 spotkań), a także programu Doc Hot Selection, w ramach którego prezentowane są najlepsze i najczęściej nagradzane polskie filmy dokumentalne ostatnich lat.

DOC DEVELOPMENT jest wsparty przez Polski Instytut Sztuki Filmowej, Partnerami są: Mazowiecki Instytut Kultury, Mazovia Warsaw Film Commission, Krajowa Izba Producentów Audiowizualnych i kancelaria MKZ Partnerzy.

All Information Here: www.docdevelopment.pl

The Czech production company Negativ, whose films have made a mark both at home and internationally for twenty-five years, will present four new feature films at this year's 54th Karlovy Vary International Film Festival. The main competition is represented by the Slovak-Czech co- production 'Let There Be Light' by Marko Škop. Debuting director Michal Hogenauer will present 'A Certain Kind of Silence' in the East of the West competition. Martin Mareček's documentary 'Over The Hills' was selected for the Documentary Competition, and the festival audiences can in addition count down to the portrait film 'Forman vs. Forman' by veteran director Helena Třeštíková and Jakub Hejna, after its premiere at this year's Cannes Film Festival. All titles will be presented as Czech premieres. 

“It is a great honor for us to have such a strong presence at this year's festival. The Karlovy Vary festival brings us beautiful memories of the Crystal Globes, which we received here in the main competition for 'The Year of the Devil' and in the documentary competition for 'Mallory', but also for its great festival audiences. I will probably never forget last year's screening of the documentary 'King Skate' in the Grand Hall of the Thermal with all the skateboard legends on stage; or the enthusiastic applause after we screened a special episode of 'Blanik Office' filmed at the very festival that year”, says one of the founders of the Negativ, producer Pavel Strnad. 

Negativ was established in Prague in 1995, and the first film under which Pavel Strnad and Petr Oukropec were signed as producers was 'Indian Summer' by Sasha Gedeon. During the following years, the company grew to include Kateřina Černá and Milan Kuchynka, and to date has produced more than 50 features, documentaries and animated feature films. Most of them received a number of awards, either at international festivals or at the national film awards, the Czech Lions. Five Negativ films won the Czech Lion for Best Film: 'The Return of the Idiot', 'Year of the Devil', 'Something Like Happiness', 'Protector' and 'Ice Mother' in 2018. 'Katka' and 'King Skate' in 2019 won Best Documentary. The films 'René' and 'Alois Nebel' succeeded abroad and – as the only Czech productions – brought Negativ two European Film Academy Awards. 

The company has continuously cooperated with directors such as Bohdan Sláma, Helena Třeštíková, Marek Najbrt and Michaela Pavlátová, as well as produced many films by debuting directors, such as 'A Certain Kind of Silence' in the East of the West competition. Most Negativ films are produced in international co-production, most often with Germany, France and Slovakia, but also with Latvia and the Netherlands. The long-term partners in the Czech Republic are the Czech Film Fund and Czech Television. 

“We strive to select projects that deal with topics that we consider important and that can reach an international audience. We cooperate with our regular authors on the selection of materials and development, which we place great emphasis on. Thorough dramaturgical preparation is a prerequisite for a good result," says producer Petr Oukropec on Negativ's strategy. 

Currently Negativ is finishing the feature film 'National Street' by Štěpán Altrichter, based on a novel by Jaroslav Rudiš, which will be premiered this autumn. Work is also underway on the feature-length animated film by Michaela Pavlátová, 'My Sunny Maad', based on a novel by Petra Procházková Frišta. Followers of Helena Třeštíková will be pleased to hear that she together with Negativ is completing more long-term documentaries as well as preparing to shoot another sequel to 'The Marriage Stories'. The biggest Negativ project this year, however, will be the filming of the political drama 'Je suis Karl' by German director Christian Schwochow, which is a German-Czech co-production with Pandora Film Produktion with a budget of over 5 million euros. 

-- Let There Be Light Milan (40) has three children and goes to Germany to work and provide for his family. When he returns home for Christmas, he discovers that his eldest son, Adam, is a member of a paramilitary youth group that is accused of bullying and the suicide of a classmate. The father decides to investigate what actually happened. In doing so, together with his wife Zuzka, they discover the true truth about their son, themselves, and about the society around them. 

Director: Marko Škop Producers: Marko Škop, Ján Meliš, Petr Oukropec, Pavel Strnad Casting / Milan Ondrík, František Beleš, Zuzana Konečná, Ľubomír Paulovič, Katarína Kormaňáková, Maxmilián Dušanič Screenplay / Marko Škop Camera / Ján Meliš Editor / František Krähenbiel Sound / Jan Čeněk Music / David Solař, Oskar Rózsa Costumes / Erika Gadus Make-up / Zuzana Paulini Starring / Pavol Andraško 

A Certain Kind of Silence Mia goes abroad to work as an au pair in an upper class family. She has to look after a posh house, and especially the ten-year-old Sebastian. The young girl gradually adopts to the special rules of the new family. However, through their systematic manipulation, she begins to turn her back on her own moral standards and the relationship with the entrusted child. Will Mia manage to get out of the grib of a radical family community? Director: Michal Hogenauer Producers: Petr Oukropec, Pavel Strnad Casting / Eliška Křenková, Jacob Jutte, Monic Hendrickx, Roeland Fernhout Screenplay / Jakub Felcman, Michal Hogenauer Director of Photography / Gregg Telussa Editor / Michal Reich Sound / Richard Müller Music / Filip Míšek Costumes / Katrina Liepa Artist / Laura Dišlere 

Over The Hills Two thousand eight hundred and fifty-two kilometers between Brno and Divějev, between East and West, between father and son. So far, so close. Vit and his son Grisha set out on a long journey to Russia before the end of the holidays. As soon as he gets in the car, the son puts on his headphones and his father sinks into his memories. But they still can't escape one another. There is however one thing that can bring them together again – a common search. But what are they really looking for? Director: Martin Mareček Producer: Petr Oukropec Screenplay / Marek Šindelka, Martin Mareček, Tomáš Bojar Original Idea / Martin Mareček Director of photography / Jiří Málek Editor / Josef Krajbich Zvuk / Viktor Ekrt 

Forman vs. Forman A comprehensive portrait of one of the leading Czech directors Miloš Forman. Forman as a creator, as a man, and as a filmmaker who received Oscars for 'Amadeus' and 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest'. And at the same time a charismatic adventurer who is not afraid to doubt himself. Inspired by his experiences with the totalitarian regime in the former Czechoslovakia, Forman took the theme of the individual versus the institutions, which he successfully developed in the films he made in Hollywood. At the same time, he was relentlessly looking for a place where he could feel free. 'Forman vs. Forman' by directors Helena Třeštíková and Jakub Hejna summarizes Forman's life journey, which combined joys of fame with wounds of fate. The film is a collage of unseen private and official archive material, as well as autobiographical recollections. It premiered as part of the official program of this year's Cannes Film Festival. Director: Helena Třeštíková and Jakub Hejna Producer: Kateřina Černá Screenplay / Helena Třeštíková Director of Photography / David Cysař Editor / Jakub Hejna Sound / Richard Müller 

Screening of Negativ films at the 54th KV IFF. 

Let There Be Light

30.6.2019 20:00, Big Hall

30.6.2019 10:30,Congress Hall

1.7.2019 13:00, Pupp

3.7.2019 11:30, Drahomíra Cinema 

A Certain Kind of Silence

2.7.2019 20:30, Cinema A

3.7.2019 18:30, Municipal Theater

4.7.2019 16:30, Spa III

5.7.2019 18:00, Cinema A

6.7.2019 13:30, Husovka Theater 

Over The Hills

1.7.2019 13:30, Cinema C

2.7.2019 15:30, Small Hall

3.7.2019 14:00, Cinema Drahomira

5.7.2019 11:30, Cinema B

6.7.2019 11:00, Cinema C 

Forman vs. Forman

30.6.2019 17:30, Cinema A

1.7.2019 11:30, Great Hall

2.7.2019 13:00, National House

5.7.2019 22:00, Pupp

6.7.2019 13:30, Spa III 

Today starts International Karlovy Vary Film Festival, which is full of Lithuanian accents: in the competition program, there will be several Lithuanian and co-production films, Lithuania has its representation in the jury and the industry event “Work in progress”. This year the biggest Czech cinema festival, which happens in Karlovy Vary tourist town, will surprise its enthusiastic film lovers crowd from the 28th of June till 6th of July. 

Every year, more and more internationally recognized directors’ works are being selected to the festival programme, among others this year Karolis Kaupinis debut feature film „Nova Lituania“ can also be found in the festival program. It is the premiere of the film, which tells the story about Lithuanian interwar geography professor’s efforts to establish a Lithuanian colony overseas. This movie competes with other eleven European films in “East of the West” debut film competition program.

Also, Lithuania’s name will be heard while naming the “East of the West“ jury members, one of them is producer Dagnė Vildžiūnaitė. 

In the Horizons section of Karlovy Vary Festival Latvian-Lithuanian-Belgian-French feature film “Oleg” (co producer Lukas Trimonis, “InScript“) will be presented. The leading actor in Latvian director’s Juris Kursietis film is Lithuanian actor Valentinas Novopolskij. The international premiere of the film happened in this year’s Cannes film festival.

Latvian director’s Laila Pakalnina film “Spoon” which is co-produced by Lithuanian producer  Dagnė Vildžiūnaitė (“Just a moment“) could be seen the documentary competition program. This Lithuanian, Latvian film analyzes human and its evolution, talks about society and its progress while showing the story of the plastic spoon manufacturing. 

The Lithuanian, Georgian, German joint production film “Otar’s death” (director Ioseb Bliadze, co producer Marija Razgutė, “M-Films“) will be presented in the festival's industry program “Work in progress”. 

The Karlovy Vary Festival is one of the leading film events in Central and Eastern Europe. One of the oldest A class film festival can be compared for its importance with other famous European festivals: Cannes, Berlin, Venice, Moscow, Warsaw. 

The films which participate in The Karlovy Vary Festival and its film industry program are sponsored by Lithuanian film center.

MIDPOINT presents 8 feature film projects at Karlovy Vary IFF 2019

The second edition of Works in Development - Feature Launch, a project showcase and networking event initiative between MIDPOINT and Karlovy Vary IFF, will present 8 exciting feature film projects developed within the current MIDPOINT Feature Launch program

The projects have been carefully refined and further developed during the previous 2 workshops of the program, visiting the 
Trieste FF in Italy in January 2019 and Kaunas, Lithuania in May 2019. 
The third workshop starts in Prague on June 27, 2019, just a few days before the project showcase, and will focus mainly on pitching training.

The Works in Development - Feature Launch presentation, which brings together projects from the Czech Republic, Croatia, Georgia, Greece, Hungary, Romania, Serbia and Ukraine,will take place on Monday, July 1, 2019 at 11 am, at the Čas Cinema and will be moderated by MIDPOINT Feature Launch Pitching Trainer Gabriele Brunnenmeyer.

The best project will receive the KVIFF & MIDPOINT Development Award of 10.000 EUR. 

Selected projects will also receive connecting cottbus Award and Rotterdam Lab Award

The presented projects are: 

A Sensitive Man (Czech Republic) 
Director/Writer Tomas Klein, 

Writer Katerina Traburova, 
Producer Tomas Michalek (MasterFilm) 

Grey Skies (Georgia) 
Director/Writer Konstantine Kalandadze, 

Producer Elene Margvelashvili (Parachute Films) 

Horia (Romania) 
Director/Writer Ana-Maria Comanescu, 

Producer Carla Fotea (microFILM)

How is Katia? (Ukraine) 
Director/Writer Christina Tynkevych, 

Producer Veronika Stepanchuk (Evos Film) 

Rattlesnakes (Serbia) 
Director/Writer Nikola Ljuca, 

Producer Maja Ilic (Biberche) 

Riviera (Greece) 
Director/Writer Orfeas Peretzis, 

Producer Konstantinos Vassilaros (StudioBauhaus)

Traces (Croatia) 
Director/Writer Dubravka Turic, 

Producer Ira Cecic (Kinorama)

Some Birds (Hungary) 
Director Daniel Hever, 

Writer Zsanett Kerstesz, 
Laszlo Dreissiger (Filmfabriq Cinemart) 

You can learn more about the projects and filmmakers from the online Book of Projects available here

All industry guests of the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival can book a meeting with our projects for one-on-one meetings. In case you would be interested, do not hesitate, and process your meeting request here.

MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2019 is realized with the support of Creative Europe – MEDIA Programme of the European Union, the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic and the Czech Film Fund. It is presented in cooperation with Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, When East Meets West, Trieste Film Festival, the Lithuanian Film Centre, connecting cottbus, CineMart, Art Department Masterclass and Audiovisual Producers' Association. MIDPOINT operates under the auspices of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague.

MIDPOINT to lead a discussion panel about new EU directive of the copyright law

In the frame of MIDPOINT Feature Launch activities within the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, a discussion panel “Copyright and Scriptwriting: Getting It Right” will be held. 

In March 2019, the new directive of the copyright law approved by the European Parliament and to be implemented in all countries in the European Union in the next 24 months, the legal framework, upon which European writers operate, will change. Will they be ready? Do supporting organizations and bodies, such as writers’ unions or guilds, exist and function in Eastern Europe? Can these writers make a career internationally and what is the role of a talent agent in this closely intertwined ecosystem? MIDPOINT, as a leading training platform for fiction writers, will guide this pressing discussion with representatives of writers’ guilds, talent agencies, and local professionals.

WHEN AND WHERE: July 2 / 10 am / Hotel Thermal, 
Industry Pool

The panel is open to all guests with industry accreditation.

MIDPOINT graduate in the program of the Karlovy Vary IFF 

MIDPOINT is proud to present its alumni project in the program of the 54rd Karlovy Vary IFF. 
The festival, which runs June 28 - July 6, 2019, will introduce the film from MIDPOINT Intensive CZ 2014 program. 
Michal Hogenauer´s feature debut A Certain Kind of Silence will have the world premiere within the East of the West Competition

A Certain Kind of Silence / MIDPOINT Intensive CZ 2014 
East of the West Competition 
Writer/Director: Michal Hogenauer 
Producer: Petr Oukropec, Negativ 
Czech Republic – Netherlands – Latvia / 2019 / 96 min.

Meet MIDPOINT team in Karlovy Vary IFF
June 30 - July 3, 2019

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / Director 
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / Financial Director 
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / Executive Director This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / Feature Launch Program Coordinator 
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / Feature Launch Head of Studies 
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / TV Launch and Writers´Room Program Coordinator 
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / Script Consulting Incubator program coordinator This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / Promotion 
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / Promotion 

Invitation to the 15th Docu Talents from the East

The annual presentation of the most remarkable creative documentary projects from Central and Eastern Europe with planned release between September 2019 and August 2020 will take place on Sunday, August 18 at 3.00 PM during the Cinelink Industry Days at the 25th Sarajevo Film Festival. The most promising of the ten presented projects will receive the Docu Talent Award in cooperation with Current Time TV. The award is accompanied by a financial prize in the amount of 5,000 USD. Join us in Sarajevo for the presentations followed by the Docu cocktail, where the winner will be announced. The programme is traditionally curated by the Ji.hlava IDFF.  

Submit your documentary to the Ji.hlava IDFF by July 31

By July 31 you may still submit rough cuts and films that have so far not had a festival world premiere. We accept feature-length and short films as well as animated and interactive documentaries. Films premiered at Ji.hlava have the chance to be nominated for the European Film Academy Awards, and the winners at the Ji.hlava IDFF are eligible also for Oscar® consideration.

Inspiration Forum – beyond the realm of documentary cinema 

The 23rd Ji.hlava IDFF will again offer a unique experience, which is not common at film festivals around the world. This year, 80 scientists, politicians, artists, activists, religious leaders and journalists will analyze new models of democracy, search for the ways of facing the climageddon, and take a closer look at the global ambitions of China. The Inspiration Forum, which will run on October 24 – 29 will offer a great opportunity to go deeper into the topics tackled by documentary films.

The Ji.hlava Academy opens doors to applications

Until September 15, we welcome your applications to the Ji.hlava Academy – a five-day educational, networking and inspiring platform open to those who are dedicated to expanding the limits of visual style, authorial approach or audience perception. Open to directors, cinematographers, editors, producers and visual artists, but also film and art critics and festival programmers. The third edition of this creative lab will take place as part of the Ji.hlava IDFF on October 24 – 29.

Visual concept of the 23rd Ji.hlava unveiled

This year’s edition of the Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival will revolve around the theme of environmental protection. Visual artist Juraj Horváth, the author of the festival poster that was officially published today, always writes a short poem accompanying the visual design. This year, one of the poem’s lines depicts a “planet turning red-hot”. Marek Hovorka, the Director of the Ji.hlava IDFF adds: “So far, the festival has mainly followed the line of thoughts and filmic expressions. This time, we are adding a third aspect: the environmental footprint.

Possibilities for presentation at the 23rd Ji.hlava IDFF

The 23rd Ji.hlava will again offer a wide range of promotion possibilities. We invite you to use this opportunity to advertise in the festival printed materials, host an event during the festival, or distribute your promotional materials to festival guests. Reach out to documentary film fans and around 1,200 film professionals attending the most important documentary film event in Central and Eastern Europe. Contact us until September 20 and we will prepare a tailor-made offer for you.

Joris Ivens now at DAFilms.com

DAFilms.com presents yet another documentary film classic, Dutch filmmaker Joris Ivens. Recall his works from the golden collection of European cinema. Watch his films from the 1960s following his travels across the world17th Parallel directly from the Vietnam War, A Valparaíso and Le petit chapiteau from Latin America’s Chile, and Rotterdam Europort painting a portrait of a city in his native Netherlands. Set out on a documentary journey with globetrotter Joris Ivens!

Submit your rough cuts to East Silver 2019

Submit your documentaries in rough cut stage, produced/co-produced in the region of Central and Eastern Europe, to the largest internationally recognized database of creative feature and television documentary films from Central and Eastern Europe. The East Silver Market takes place during the 23rd Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival (Oct 24 – 29, 2019). Silver Eye Awards in two categories will be handed to the winners at the festival. Do not miss the chance to submit your film! The deadline is July 31.

East-West co-production market connecting cottbus, held during FilmFestival Cottbus in November 2019, is currently open for submissions. We present 13 projects in development and 6 works in progress, all competing for a number of awards.

Our cocoPITCH section is dedicated to projects in development. The coco Best Pitch Award is voted for by our industry audience and includes a cash prize towards development as well as a free accreditation to the Cannes Producers Network.

Courtesy of our partners MIDPOINT, the renowned training platform for script and project development, comes the MIDPOINT Consulting Award, consisting of in-depth script consultancy with MIDPOINT experts for three of our selected projects.

We are also happy to welcome back our partner AVANPOST and their new film production brand AVANGUARD. The production arm of the renowned Romanian post-production facility Avanpost will offer the AVANGUARD Pitch Packaging Award, including financing strategy consulting, the project lookbook as well as the post-production for a proof of concept.

For our cocoWIP section presenting works in progress, we are once again teaming up with major German post-production studio D-FACTO MOTION, who will sponsor the D-Facto Motion WIP Award of €35,000 in-kind services plus €5,000 granted for additional expenses.

Producers can submit their feature fiction film projects in development for cocoPITCH until 17 July 2019, and projects in production or post-production for cocoWIP until 22 August 2019. The project must be connected to Eastern Europe in subject or production context.

Producers, sales agents, commissioning editors and other industry representatives active in East-West European co-production can apply without a project by 7 October 2019.  

This year’s edition of connecting cottbus takes place on 6-8 November 2019.

We look forward to receiving your projects!

Your coco team


Three films from East Silver Caravan are screening at Estonia's Parnu Film Festival.

SAVE THE DATE!  The call for applications for the 4th edition of Kids Film.Pro is approaching.

Kids Film.Pro it's an international development programme for film projects and TV series for young audience. It is dedicated to script writers and producers who are interested in developing their film (live action, animation or documentary) or a TV series from a concept to a highly advanced script stage and initial production assumptions. For submissions we invite filmmakers from BelgiumCzech RepublicGreece and Poland.


New Partners of the Kids Film.Pro

The project started in 2014 and this year’s edition will turn into an international workshop edition including partnership countries. We are happy to announce our new partners:

  •  International Young Audience Film Festival Ale Kino!, Poznań, Poland
  •  JE.F Festival, Antwerp, Belgium
  •  Zlin Film Festival, Zlin, Czech Republic
  •  Athens International Children’s Film Festival supported by Faliro House, Athenes, Greece

Kids Film.Pro/Kino Dzieci.Pro works with 12 teams (scriptwriter and producer) including 4 series and 8 feature films on participants ideas. Our goal is to develop the script form short synopsis (budget, financing and promotion plan).


4th edition of Kids Film.Pro will consist of 4 stationary workshop sessions and at least 3 on-line sessions. The workshops will be conducted in English only on the following months:

  •  December 2019, Poznań, International Young Audience Film Festival Ale Kino!
  •  March 2020, Antwerp, JE.F Festival
  •  May 2020, Zlin, Zlin Film Festival
  • August 2020, Athens, Athens International Children’s Film Festival supported by Faliro House

Selected projects will be presented at the Warsaw Kids Film Forum 2020 – an international co-production forum, which is an industry part of Kids Film Festival.

Our experts


Kirsten Bonnen Rask – feature films script Tutor.

Kirsten is an experienced script consultant in all formats – shorts, features, TV series, and documentaries for adults as well as for children. 


 Armin Prediger – series script Tutor.

Armin has worked in the film industry for 25 years, 18 of those as a writer, head writer and script editor in live-action and animation.


Ronald Kruschak – producer’s Tutor.

Germany-based producer, writer and tutor/lecturer with a track record of twenty years of filmmaking focusing on Family Entertainment.


Philip LaZebnik – feature films script Tutor.

Philip is a screenwriter, writer of plays and a screenwriting consultant. Originally associated with Disney Studios and Dream Works. His screenwriting credits include Mulan and Pocahontas for Disney, and The Prince of Egypt and The Road to El Dorado for DreamWorks, among many others.

Project executed with the support of Creative Europe - MEDIA Programme of the European Union and Polish Film Institute.

Dear colleagues,

Please find attached the press release of the 54th Karlovy Vary IFF.

The press release is available for downloading here

You can download videos from the festival here.

Best wishes,

KVIFF Press Department