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CINEDAYS Festival of European Film categorized by FIAPF

Festivals 2018-05-30

CINEDAYS Festival of European Film was recently recognized as “Competitive film festival specialized in European first and second feature films” by the General Assembly of FIAPF held in February 2018.

While FIAPF (the International Federation of Film Producers’ Associations) was strengthening its relations with the Macedonian Association of Film Producers, which joined the International Federation in May 2017, discussions started in order to consider granting our quality label to international film festivals to CINEDAYS.

FIAPF monitors the accreditation for international film festivals. The accreditation is the only-existing quality label for international film festivals. The FIAPF accreditation is granted to a limited number of film festivals in the world that eg- comply with stringent quality standard defined by the film producers' community, have set up a sustainable relations with the film industry.

The way CINEDAYS operates with the regional industry, it contributes to promote young European directors films, and the close relationship developed with the local audience are elements proving the essential role played by CINEDAYS as a festival dedicated to First and Second European Films. After assessing these elements, including in Skopje, FIAPF members decided unanimously to grant FIAPF accreditation to CINEDAYS as Specialised Competitive Festival from 2018.

Therefore CINEDAYS has joined the restricted group of 47 international film festivals receiving FIAPF’s accreditation, which includes Berlin, Busan, Cannes, San Sebastian, Sitges, Toronto, Venice, etc. Newly accredited as a Competitive Feature Film Festival Specialised in First and Second European Films, CINEDAYS is deemed as respecting the quality standards defined by the film producers’ community worldwide for international film festivals.

FIAPF would like to stress the significant and demanding work already achieved by the CINEDAYS organizers and does trust that the Festival has strong assets to grow further in the future to the benefit of the city of Skopje and its audience as well as the Macedonian and Balkan film industry.

CINEDAYS remains the only festival dedicated to European cinema in Macedonia, established in 2001 on the initiative of the Spanish director Pedro Almodovar and Viviane Redding, at that time serving as a European commissioner for Education, Media Sport and Culture of the EU. The idea of establishing a ‘week of celebrating the European cinematography’ under the name ‘CINEDAYS’ was intended to be held at the major capitals of Europe. Since then, Skopje is the only left European city in which CINEDAYS evolved as a simple review of films into a true film festival.

Youth Cultural Center as the organizer of the Festival of European film CINEDAYS are especially proud of this international success of the festival, and they express their gratitude towards all collaborators and friends of CINEDAYS, as well as its loyal audience for the achieved results – we do promise that we will continue with the good work, an even more attractive film program and true festival experience!

Last modified on 2018-05-30