PRODUCTION: The Bridge at the End of the World Moves into Postproduction

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The Bridge at the End of the World, dir. Branko Ištvančić The Bridge at the End of the World, dir. Branko Ištvančić

ZAGREB: Branko Ištvančić, (The Ghost in the Swamp) finished shooting The Bridge at the End of the World, a thriller produced by Irena Skorić through Artizana Film in coproduction with the Croatian Radiotelevision, Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Heft Production, and Serbia’s Cinematographer's House/Kinematografska Kuća.

The Bridge at the End of the World/ Most na kraju svijeta written by Josip Mlakić is set in a Croatian village near the Bosnian border in the late 90s where a police officer Filip (Aleksandar Bogdanovic) searches for a missing old man in a region where Bosnian Croats live in Croatian Serbs’ houses.

“This film, besides the war repercussions, tackles in a dramatic way the complex attempt of the reconciliation of the Croats and the Serbs, focusing on the little people’s destinies in the chaotic times that have caught hold of the area,” the director noted.

Shooting took six weeks. The cast includes Croatian, Bosnian and Serbian actors Aleksandar Bogdanović, Boro Stjepanović, Sanja Radišić, Slobodan Ćustić and Slaven Knezović.

The budget is around 1m EUR, Skorić told FNE, but will be finalized after postproduction financing expected in September 2013.The project is supported by Croatian Audiovisual Centre, the Ministry of Culture of Republic of Serbia and the Film Foundation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Production Information

Vukovarska 222
10000 Zagreb, Croatia
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Croatian Radiotelevision
Prisavlje ulica 3  
10000, Zagreb, Croatia
Phone: +385 1 6342 634
Heft production
Almir Šahinović:
Cinematographer's House/Kinematografska Kuća
Petar Jevtic: 385- (0)65-520 28 81



Director: Branko Ištvančić
Script: Josip Mlakić
DoP: Branko Cahun
Art director: Zvonko Saric
Costume designer: Felicita Glavas
Cast: Aleksandar Bogdanovic, Boro Stjepanovic, Sanja Radisic, Vlatko Dulic, Nela Kocsis, Slobodan Custić, Miralem Zubcević, Djordje Kukuljica, Jelena Percin, Anita Schmidt, Niksa Kuselj, Drasko Zidar, Slaven Knezovic