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FESTIVALS: Zadar Avvantura 2014 Competition Featured

Married to the Swiss Franc by Arsen Oremovic Married to the Swiss Franc by Arsen Oremovic

ZADAR: Ten films are screening in the international competition of first and second feature films at the Avvantura Festival taking place 23-29 August 2014.

Among the films are the Croatian documentary Married to the Swiss Franc directed by Arsen Oremovic, a study of the problems Croatians face when taking out loans in Swiss francs. Latvia is represented with the Russian language film People Out There, directed Armenian-born Latvian filmmaker Aik Karapetian, about a young criminal who is frustrated in his attempt to make a fresh start after meeting a privileged young woman.

The festival also hosts a section focusing on European coproductions and will be the site of Germany’s Documentary Campus Masterschool session on multiplatform storytelling.

The complete list of competition films follows:

THE CUTOFF MAN by Idan Hubel (Israel)

MORNING STAR by Sophie Blondy (France)

HIDE YOUR SMILING FACES by Daniel Patrick Carbone (USA)

COMPLIANCE by Craig Zobel (USA)

VILLEGAS by Gonzalo Tobal (Argentina)

JO ́S NEIGHBOURHOOD by Alain Minier (France)

MARRIED TO THE SWISS FRANC by Arsen Oremović (Croatia) Interfilm

LA JUNGLA INTERIOR by Juan Barrero (Spain)

PEOPLE OUT THERE by Aik Karapetian (Latvia) Locomotive Productions

WATER by Yael Perlov, Nir Sa’ar and Maya Sarfaty, Yona Rozenkier, Mohammad Bakri, Ahmad Barghouti, Pini Tavger and Tal Haring (Israel, Palestine)


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