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FNE at KVIFF 2013: Competition line-up announced Featured

"Miracle" by Juraj Lehotský "Miracle" by Juraj Lehotský

PRAGUE: The Karlovy Vary International Film Festival has announced its programme line-up for 2013 with a lot of the biggest buzz centered on the regionally focused East of the West competition.  Slovak director Juraj Lehotský’s Slovak-Czech coproduction Miracle/Zázrak (Arteleria) will open the 12-film East of the West competition of the 48th Karlovy Vary IFF, 28 June – 6 July 2013. 

In the main competition films from Polish directors Krzysztof Krauze and Joanna Kos-Krauze, Israeli director Yossi Madmony, Hungary’s Janos Szasz, Czech Jan Hřebejk and Vinko Brešan from Croatia all made the cut in a lineup that will include six world premiers and seven international premiers.

The selection of films in the East of the West section by young directors includes six debuts. KVIFF artistic director Karel Och told FNE, "Unlike the non-specialized main competitive section, the East of the West competition is a program focused on brand new films of first- and second-time directors from Central and Eastern Europe and as such one of the most important festival sections. Our aim is to introduce talented filmmakers emerging from our part of the world."

Lehotsky competes against Slovak colleague Peter Kerekes’s genre bending fiction-documentary Slovak/Czech/Croatian coproduction Velvet Terrorists/Zamatoví teroristi codirected by Kerekes, Pavol Pekarčík, and Ivan Ostrochovský.

Poland will send two films: Tomasz Wasilewski’s  gay-themed Floating Skyscrapers/Płynące wieżowce, (Alterego Pictures) and indie filmmaker Bodo Kox’s comic drama The Girl From the Wardrobe/Dziewczyna z szafy (WFDiF).

Slovenia and Croatia team up on a pair of competition entries: Miroslav Mandić’s tragicomedy about an aging rocker, Adria Blues and Dual/Dvojina, (Prefo) by Slovene director Nejc Gazvoda.

Estonian director Kadri Kõusaar makes the competition cut with the Estonian/Finnish coproduction, the English language thriller The Arbiter. Romania and neighbor Moldova are coproducers on The Unsaved/La limita de jos a cerului (Saga Film) a look at the glum future for young adults in Moldava directed by Igor Cobileanski.

Other films screening in the East of the West competition are Paradjanov directed by Olena Fetisova and Serge Avedikian (Ukraine, France, Georgia, Armenia), Intimate Parts directed by Natalia Merkulova and Alexey Chupov (Russia); The Sea directed by Aleksandra Strelyanaya (Russia); and Withering (Odumiranje) directed by Miloš Pušić (Serbia). 

Films in the KVIFF Main Competition

11.6 (France)
Director: Philippe Godeau

Bluebird (USA)
Director: Lance Edmands

A Field in England (UK)
Director: Ben Wheatley

The Notebook / Le grand cahier (Hungary)
Director: János Szász
Produced by: Hunnia Filmstudio (Hungary), Intuit Pictures (Germany), Amour Fou (Austria), Dolce Vita Films (France).

Líbánky / Honeymoon (Czech Republic, Slovakia)
Director: Jan Hřebejk
Produced by: Falcon (Czech Republic), Ceska Televize (Czech Republic), K Film Plus (Czech Republic)
Supported by: The Czech State Fund for the Support and Development of Czech Cinematography

Makom Be-Gan Eden / A Place in Heaven (Israel)
Director: Joseph Madmony

O ouro do tempo / The Value of Time (Spain)
Director: Xavier Bermúdez

Papusza (Poland)
Director: Joanna Kos-Krauze, Krzysztof Krauze
Produced by: Agromedia (Poland)
Supported by: Polish Film Institute

Quellen des Lebens / Sources of Life (Germany)
Director: Oskar Roehler

September (Greece, Germany)
Director: Penny Panayotopoulou

Styd / Shame (Russia)
Director: Yusup Razykov

Svećenikova djeca / The Priest's Children (Croatia, Serbia)
Director: Vinko Brešan Produced by: Interfilm (Croatia), Zillion Film (Serbia)
Supported by: Croatian Audiovisual Centre, Eurimages

Viva la liberta (Italy)
Director: Roberto Ando

XL (Iceland)
Director: Marteinn Thorsson

Films in the East of the West Competition

Adria Blues (Slovenia, Croatia)
Director: Miroslav Mandić
Production: Gustav Film (Slovenia), Filmostovje (Slovenia), Senca Studio (Slovenia)
Supported by Slovenian Film Centre

The Arbiter (Estonia, Sweden, UK)
Director: Kadri Kõusaar
Produced by: Meteoriit (Estonia), Tugev Tuul Films (Estonia), Anagram produktion (Sweden), Film i Väst (Sweden), Film and Music Entertainment (UK)

Dvojina / Dual (Slovenia, Croatia, Denmark)
Director: Nejc Gazvoda
Production: Perfo (Slovenia), Studio Dim,
Coproduced by Beofilm (Denmark)
Supported by: Slovenian Film Centre, Croatian Audiovisual Centre, Danish Film Institute.

Dziewczyna z szafy / The Girl from the Wardrobe (Poland)
Director: Bodo Kox
Production: WFDiF (Poland)

Intimnye mesta / Intimate Parts (Russia)
Director: Natalia Merkulova, Alexey Chupov

La limita de jos a cerului / The Unsaved (Romania, Moldova)
Director: Igor Cobileanski
Production: Saga Film (Romania)

More / The Sea (Russia)
Director: Aleksandra Strelyanaya

Odumiranje / Withering (Serbia)
Director: Miloš Pušić

Paradžanov / Paradjanov (Ukraine, France, Georgia, Armenia)
Director: Olena Fetisova, Serge Avedikian
Supported by: Georgian National Film Center

Płynące wieżowce / Floating Skyscrapers (Poland)
Director: Tomasz Wasilewski
Produced by Alter Ego Pictures (Poland)

Zamatoví teroristi / Velvet Terrorists (Slovak Republic, Czech Republic, Croatia)
Director: Peter Kerekes, Pavol Pekarčík, Ivan Ostrochovský
Production: Peter Kerekes s. r. o (Slovakia), Nucleus Film (Croatia), Supermarket film (Czech Republic)
Supported by: Slovak Audiovisual Fund, The Croatian Audiovisual Centre

Zázrak / Miracle (Slovakia, Czech Republic)
Director: Juraj Lehotský
Production: Altieria (Slovakia), Negative Film Productions (Czech Republic)
Supported by: Slovak Audiovisual Fund

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