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Czech hits dominate local box office for 2013 Featured


PRAGUE: Babovřesky produced by Prague based production outfit Nogup, a summer comedy directed by Zdenek Troška, has taken in over 83,360,000 CZK in box office and nearly 615,000 viewers, breaking records and leading the 2013 box office Czech charts. Together with another local hit children’s animated film Lucky Four Serving the King with 26, 550.197 czk, Czech films are holding down the first and third places in the cummunlative box off ice for 2013 so far.

Babovřesky  about life in a contemporary South Bohemian village of the same name, has outperformed both Czech and foreign films at the Czech box office with the next highest ranking release of 2013, the US actioner series Iron Man 3 taking less than half as much at the Czech box office with a total of 37,370,559 CKZ after 7 weeks on release. 

Proving that local films tend to have a longer theatrical life than US blockbusters that fade fast after the opening weekend Babovresky which is now in its 18th week in distribution, has been rising in the rankings or the box office for the past six weeks.  It finished out the week ending 13 June 2013 in 13th place (up one spot) with a 19.8 percent rise in box office. It was in the top ten for 19 weeks.   Babovresky is distributed by Falcon

The popularity of the film is no surprise for the director, whose box office hits date back to a trio of Sun, Hay and... comedies set in Czech villages as early as 1984. Troška is now in production with Babovřesky 2 for the same production and distribution team. 

Babovresky is not the only Czech box office hit of 2013.  The the hit children’s animated film Lucky Four Serving the King directed by Michal Žabka and produced by Bio Illusion, has racked up 225,000 – 250,000 admissions after 16 weeks in release and also rose in the charts last week. The film is distributed by Cinemart.


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