Czech Rebate Attracts Zentropa and ABC

Written by FNE Staff

The Czech Film Commission announced 25 projects are expected to receive over CZK180 million from the Czech production rebate. Two of the new projects began prepping in 2010: A Royal Affair (Zentropa Entertainments, Sirena Film), starring Mads Mikkelsen, which is expected to receive a rebate of CZK 13.6 million; and the TV pilot Missing (ABC Studios, Stillking Films), which should receive CZK 81.6 million.

Through the Film Industry Support Programme (FISP, www.ppfp.cz), producers can reclaim up to 20% of their local production costs. The 25 projects have passed the first step, a test for European cultural and production criteria required to apply for the rebate, and are now cleared to submit applications and financial data.

Nine of the 25 projects began production in 2010 and have already received approximately CZK 86 million for the portion of their filming in 2010. They include Borgia (Atlantique Production/EOS, Canal +, Etic Films) and Red Tails (Lucasfilm, Partnership Pictures).

The FISP is designed to help filmmakers get more value out of their production in the Czech Republic. Inaugurated in 2010, the incentives measure awarded a combined total CZK 177,654,600 ($9.3 million) to 21 projects, including Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol, Odcházení and Rockstar.

The FISP has CZK 300m (about $15.7m) available to distribute in 2011.