Estonia Sets Admissions Record

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Zero.Point by Mihkel Ulk - Estonian domestic hit of 2014 Zero.Point by Mihkel Ulk - Estonian domestic hit of 2014

TALLINN: Cinema admissions in Estonia reached 2.6 million in 2014, the highest number since it regained its independence in 1991, according to the Estonian Statistics Board.

Over the past nine years the number of visits to Estonian movie theatres has gradually increased year upon year.

Out of the 353 films screened in Estonia in 2014, 28 were of Estonian origin, 157 were US films, 148 were European and 20 originated in other countries. The average cinema ticket price was 4.9 EUR and box office was 12.8 m EUR. Estonian films captured 5% of the market, with 123,000 admissions.

A total of 20 features were completed in Estonia during 2014: eight feature films and 12 documentaries. In addition, 44 fiction short films, 85 short documentaries and 10 short animations were completed, for a total of 159 films made in Estonia during 2014.