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FESTIVALS: Corn Island Wins Best Film Award at the Trieste Film Festival Featured

Corn Island by George Ovashvili Corn Island by George Ovashvili

TRIESTE: George Ovashvili's meditative drama Corn Island was awarded Best Film in the feature film competition of the 26th Trieste Film Festival, while the Danish/Polish coproduction Something Better to Come by Hanna Polak was awarded Best Documentary.

A total of 37 films vied in the three competitions of the festival: nine films in the feature film competition, 12 in the documentary competition and 16 in the short films competition. The festival also hosted the 5th edition of the coproduction forum When East Meets West running from 18 to 20 January 2015.

Trieste Film Festival, which ran from 16 to 22 January, is a project of Alpe Adria Cinema supported by Comune di Trieste, Direzione Generale per il Cinema and Ministero per i Beni e le attivita Culturali.


Feature Film Competition

The Trieste Award for Best Feature Film and 5,000EUR:
Corn Island/ Simindis Kundzuli (Georgia, France, Germany, Czech Republic, Kazahstan, Hungary)
Directed by George Ovashvili
Produced by Alamdary Films
Coproduced by: Arizona Productions, 42film, Axman Production, Kazakhfilm
Supported by Georgian National Film Centre

Documentary Competition

The Alpe Adria Cinema Award for Best Documentary and 2,500 EUR:
Something Better to Come (Denmark, Poland)
Directed by Hanna Polak
Coproduced by Danish Documentary Production and Hanna Polak Films

Short Film Competition

The TFF Shorts Award for Best Short Film and 2,000 EUR:
Not Today/Davay ne syogodni (Ukraine)
Directed by Christina Syvolap

The CEI (Central European Initiative) Award and 3,000 EUR:
Naked Island/Goli (Croatia)
Directed by Tiha K. Gudac
Produced by Factum
Supported by the Croatian Audiovisual Centre

The Salani Award and 2,000 EUR for Best Film in the Italian Screenings:
Uproar/Frastuono (Italy)
Directed by Davide Maldi

The Skyarte Award from the Sky Arte HD consisting in the acquisition and broadcasting of one of the films of Trieste FF Art &Sound:
Rocks in My Pockets (USA, Latvia)
Directed by Signe Baumane
Produced by Rocks In My Pockets LLC
Coproduced by: Locomotive Productions

The Mattador Award for Best Story and 1,500 EUR from the Province of Trieste:
The Village/Il villaggio (Italy)
Directed by Marcello Bisogno and Mirko Ingrassia

Project selected for Midpoint, Central European Script Center of Prague
Midnight Train (Macedonia)
Directed by Ana Jakimska

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