Georgian National Film Center sends Mosidze to MAIA Workshops

Written by FNE Staff

TBILISI: Georgian film director Papuna Mosidze has won a Georgian National Film Center (GNFC, www.gnfc.ge) competition to participate in the MAIA workshops for young film-makers. Mosidze, aged 27, participated in the competition with his project Two Weeks Earlier, proposed as a full length feature film.

He was the winner from among six Georgian participants and will receive a full scholarship from the Georgian National Film Center to attend three trainings of Maia Workshops in Belgium and Italy in 2011.

This is the first time GNFC is sending a Georgian filmmaker to the Maia Workshops.

The programme includes three five-day workshops. The first workshop is dedicated to creative aspects, the second workshop deals with legal and financial issues, the third workshop focuses on marketing and distribution.