I'm Not Your Friend in cinemas

Written by Gyorgy Karpati
Following its premiere of the 40th Hungarian Film Week, Gyorgy Palfi's (Taxidermia, Hukkle) I'm Not Your Friend was released in cinemas in Hungary on February 5.

The movie is released in Hungary's nine e-cinemas in digital format. Distribution will increase to another four cinemas later in the month.

The film, originally titled Triptichon, includes a 10 minute short film shot in a kindergarten and an 80 minute feature film based on improvisations created by Palfi and his collaborators, writers Zsofia Rutkay and Attila Rethly and nine non-professional actors.

"This movie version is a kind of sample of the full movie," Palfi told FNE. That production will be released on a three-disc DVD showing the full concept of the filmmakers.

The movie was shot on HDV and cost 200.000 Euros, financed by the Motion Picture Public Foundation of Hungary (www.mmka.hu). Peter Mickolczi of Eurofilm Studio produced. Co-production partners were Filmax ltd. and Katapult Film ltd (www.katapultfilm.hu).

The film is distributed in Hungary by Budapest Film Zrt. (www.budapestfilm.hu). The world sales are still available.


Director: Gyorgy Palfi

Screenplay: Gyorgy Palfi, Zsofia Ruttkay, Attila Rethly and the cast

Cinematography: Istvan Dala

Music: Quimby, Republic, Venus, Peter Mate, Katalin Karady, Janos Brody

Film Editing: Reka Lemhenyi

Production: Eurofilm Studio

Producer: Peter Miskolczi, Gabor Varadi

Co-production: Katapult Film, Filmax

Co-producers: Ivan Angelusz, Gyorgy Palfi


Csaba Czene

Istvan Szulek

Gyongyver Orszagh

Kati Farkas

Eszter Toth

Csaba Gosztonyi

Julia Postasy

Kamilla Fatyol

Zsolt Pall