PRODUCTION: Wajda Studio Developing Super-unit


KATOWICE: Polish filmmaker and visual artist Teresa Czepiec is developing a documentary that explores the life and workings of a major residential block in Katowice.

Super-unit is a film portrayal of an apartment block designed to serve as a "machine for residing," consisting of 762 flats located on 15 levels and capable of housing 3,000 people. The documentary focuses on the habitants of the super unit which is often the a setting of their entire lives, from childhood through old age. The building's managers are the "superheroes" of the block, who have kept it functioning for years. 

Czepiec is an accomplished short feature filmmaker and the author of several artistic installations located in public spaces. She studied architecture at the Carcow University of Technology, Visual arts at Le Fresnoy – Studio National des Arts Contemporains in France and Directing at the University of Silesia. She also completed the DOK PRO Documentary Programme at the Wajda School. The cinematographer is Paweł Dyllus. The film is produced by Wajda Studio. The producer is applying for support from the regional film fund Silesia Film and Katowice - City of Gardens Cultural Institution.

Production information:

Wajda Studio| Wajda School
ul. Chelmska 21, 00 - 724 Warsaw, Poland
tel./fax: + 48 22 851 10 56 / 57 / 67
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