Lankosz Adapting Crime Thriller


WARSAW: Borys Lankosz, director of the box office hit Reverse, will bring Zygmunt Miłoszewski's novel A Grain of Truth to the screen, with the Polish Film Institute cofinancing 50% of the project.

Miłoszewski's novel is one of the most popular Polish bestsellers with a devoted following in crime novel lovers. The adaptation of the book which was published in 2011, has been expected for the last two years with the date of production and choice director both having gone through changes before Lankosz came on board as the script’s director and co-screenwriter with Miłoszewski.
A Grain of Truth will shoot in 2014, produced by Blank Film Prods with a budget of 6 million PLN. The Polish Film Institute supported the project with 3 million PLN in the last grant session of 2013.

A Grain of Truth follows a police inspector as he moves from the capital Warsaw to a quiet and picturesque town. He tries to start a new life for himself, but instead is soon thrown into the investigation of a strange and brutal murder case.

"The financing from the Polish Film Institute allowed us to enter production at full speed, but I can't reveal many details of the project at this moment. I hope the shoot will take place on
location in Sandomierz, in the extraordinary ambiance of the town that is so crucial for this story. When it comes to the cast I am leaving it all in the hands of Borys Lankosz," Miłoszewski told FNE.