PRODUCTION: HBO and Netflix Sponsor Online Doc Series by Polish YouTubers to Be Shot in the USA

Kaja Szafrańska and Janusz Raczyski Kaja Szafrańska and Janusz Raczyski

WARSAW: HBO and Netflix will sponsor the six-episode documentary series Traces of TV Series / Sladami seriali created by Polish YouTubers Kaja Szafrańska and Janusz Raczyński, for their jakbyniepaczec channel. The project jointly supported by HBO and Netflix on the Polish market is a homage to popular American TV shows.

Szafrańska and Raczyński will travel to the USA from July to September 2018. They will stop in Monterey and Los Angeles, where Little White Lies was shot, in Moab - the setting for HBO's Westworld, in New Orleans, where True Detective was shot, Atlanta, where Strange Little Things were created, in Washington and Baltimore to visit the sets for House of Cards and finally in New York for Sex & The City and Girls.
Locations for Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, Roswell, The X Files, Dexter and Miami Vice are also on the map.

The premiere is planned for autumn 2018 on the jakbyniepaczec Youtube channel.

"We've been working on this project for the last two years, but the last couple of months were crucial. We weren’t anonymous to HBO and Netflix, as we worked with them non-commercially on series-themed content. What convinced them finally was their openness to new ideas. They are two competing platforms, both experienced in supporting independent filmmakers”, Kaja Szafrańska told FNE.

HBO GO has been available in Poland without cable TV subscription from March 2018, while Netflix was launched in Poland in January 2016.

The jakbyniepaczec YouTube channel was created in 2015 and currently has 117,000 subscribers.


Directors: Kaja Szafrańska, Janusz Raczyski
Screenwriters: Kaja Szafrańska,  Janusz Raczyski
DoPs: Kaja Szafrańska, Janusz Raczyski